Tales of Zestiria Trailer: Your October Surprise (Plus Tales Tax)


Bandai Namco Games is rolling out not one, but two Tales games between this year and next, one new and one old but new for PC gamers who may be interested in one of the earlier entries in the long-running franchise. Tales of Zestiria is coming to PS3, PS4 and PC on October 20, 2015. PC Gamers who hop on board the Steam pre-order train will have the opportunity to nab the upcoming HD port of Tales of Symphonia for FREE as a bonus tier item. This great deal may not convince some who only collect physical media to grab the game, but for those of you PS4 owners looking for a ton of swag, there’s as nice Collector’s Edition packed with the following:

TALES OF ZESTIRIA game for the PlayStation 4 system

Serialized premium box packaging

Exclusive SteelBook case

Chibi Kyun Chara figure set

DLC pack

TALES OF ZESTIRIA hardcover art book

Three TALES OF ZESTIRIA pixel-styled character key chains

TALES OF ZESTIRIA 40 minute “Dawn of the Shepherd” OVA anime Blu-ray disc

That’s a nice chunk of shelf space, I bet. I’ll post some pics of the set once I’m at a place with a better connection speed. Or you can just check out all the info on the official Tales Blog.


Tales of Xilia Battle Showcases: How To Beat Up On Cute Animals Without PETA Going After You…


Namco Bandai Games and their prolific Tales Studio are a half bunch of clever bastards aren’t they now? All of those Tales games have these SUPER cute (but deadly as hell)  wee beasties to whomp on and nobody EVER complains because you’d punt a yeti-sized Pomeranian too if it came at you with intent on sinking a few dozen fangs into your face. Yeah, yeah  – there are those of you who’d be going out of your way to cuddle some of these creatures with the intent of delivering that hug that you think every animal needs to keep it nice and tame. But good lock with that when you have two, then three, then ten hopping on your head looking for a snack. So yeah, leave Milla and Jude alone, people – they’re just doing what they need to do. Tales ships out for the PS3 some time this year. I’ll ask at their NYC showcase early next month and find out that release date for you animal “lovers” out there…


Tales of Graces f Launch Trailer: Namco Bandai’s Got Quite A Story To Tell, That’s For Sure…

I’ve been playing this on and off for the past few days (my review copy arrived last week) and it’s quite spectacular in an old-school meets modern JRPG way. Sure, it’s packed to the gills with familiar thematic elements (an enigmatic amnesiac, two brothers separated by differing opinions and life choices, the formerly sick girl now a powerful party member, et cetera), but the fast-paced battles, tons of titles to earn for each character and the usual Tales features keep the hours peeling away. If you’re a PS3 owner and JRPG fan looking for the next big game to dive into, this one’s for you. Oh yeah, the game also lets you play with up to four friends through much of the adventure (but expect them to be spectators for a bit in some areas where the party is thinned out for plot purposes).

My full review will go up later this week (probably Friday at this point)…