Mega Man Might Not Be Getting A New Game, But Music-Wise? He’s Quite Well Covered…

MM25 MMRocksAnd of course, Capcom is being trolled harder since these announcements by “fans” who are more like nasty barnacles more than people who seem to “enjoy” anything the company is putting out on the game front these days. Yes, poor MM has been through some development hell lately (although he’s popping up in some interesting fan-made and professional non-MM game projects) and sure, you can scream at Capcom until you turn bluer than the Blue Bomber about anything else you believe they’ve done wrong since the Great Clock was first constructed. But, NO. You can’t poop on the work of these talented musicians that happen to be Mega Man fans as well who’ve worked an ass cheek or two off making music for your listening pleasure just because the Internet allows you to rant at your leisure (no matter how ignorant you sound)… Continue reading

Random Indie Game of the Week: Mega Man Revolutions

(thanks, HowlingOneify!) 

OK, so that official site looks plainer than a matzoh viewed through a telescope at 500 yards, but Mega Man Revolutions is a really fine little surprise of an indie game that yet again proves that sometimes fans can make better games than the people who own the property. In development on and off for 11 years (!), Mike Crain and a handful of very dedicated Mega Man fanatics have whipped up a really fun and yes, REALLY challenging slice of retro gaming bliss. I could sit here and babble on about how cool it all is, how the classic visuals and soundtrack give off that familiar grin-giving (and grimace-giving in the hard parts) vibe and so forth and so on, but I actually need to complete the game myself. I’m only on the second stage, but poking around YouTube has revealed the game indeed has what it takes to be awesome:

So stop, drop and Roll yourself over to the MMR site, download and play this one. The single player mode is done, there’s some sort of co-op play in the works and if Capcom is smart, they’ll either start throwing out job offers or compile all these really great fan games into some sort of bundle at some point down the road to distribute as freebies on their own site. Wishful thinking, yes… but hard work like this deserves to be taken notice of and rewarded I say…

Does He Fight Retro Man? Mega Man III Blasts onto 3DS Via Nintendo eShop


Well, you probably don’t need this if you’ve already bought Mega Man I through V on WiiWare, but in case you only own a 3DS… well, here you go. The classic third entry in the classic franchise presented as a standalone game. it would actually be really cool to see Capcom HD the entire series up, maybe add optional 3D elements to them (to take advantage of the now seemingly underplayed 3D function of the handheld) and get it out on a retail game card, but we’ll see what happens. Hell, I’d be planning this if I were running thing over at Capcom’s Suits ‘n Sales Division (and I’d add the newer MM games PLUS Street Fighter x Mega Man to the deal), but as usual – we shall see what happens in the future when the future arrives. It’s coming up now… every second, at that. Scary, isn’t it. Tick, tick, tick….

Capcom Wishes You A Merry Mega Man Xmas (Don’t Forget To Get Your Gift)

And here I am, thinking he’s all about knocking off cute but dangerous enemies and bosses with silly names and powers. Some would probably prefer a less annoying Mega man experience where ladders and bridges would replace those jumps they keep missing, while others might want a less violent Mega Man without his blasters and such. If I had to choose something with less violence, I’d make the blue bomber a sly negotiator who doesn’t fire a shot, but makes enemies fight each other. Of course, there goes that cool Rockman versus Paper Man versus Scissor Man boss battle (ha ha), but that new monocle, smoking jacket and fake pipe are nice accessories Capcom could add to the character with that new attitude and see what’s what?  Anyway, enough of my lousy attempts at humor – go download Street Fighter X Mega Man if you haven’t already. I’m a damn cheapskate, but I know where the good free gifts are and how to share them…

Street Fighter X Mega Man Gameplay: Love Means A Keyboard Is Harder To Break Than A Controller, Kids!

Man, is this game going to have some gamers used to more casual “play it for me!” stuff jumping up and down on their keyboards HARD and screaming about it all over the internet. Granted, you can indeed use a controller to play this, but remember, throwing it at a monitor a foot away will cause one of two things to occur: you’ll either need a new monitor or new teeth or both should that busted controller bounce back and smack you in the mouth. Sure, you CAN try ducking, but I know you haven’t been exercising much and all that soda and chips in your belly has made you slow. Well, maybe wear a face mask like Vega or something…

Street Fighter X Mega Man: Capcom Brings A Fan-Made Game To Life As A Digital Freebie


Wow. I’ll have to admit that until I read the press release and downloaded the screens, I thought this was going to be a full-on visually flashy full price AAA retail product with bonus DLC in the vein of Capcom’s recent Street Fighter X Tekken or Marvel vs Capcom games. But nope – it’s a VERY cool new game that looks like it was cooked up circa 1990 for the NES. Often, fan made games using licensed characters are shot down by publishers who want to protect their IP (and a few other good to not so good reasons), but Capcom has taken a nice step by not only helping fund this soon to be released retro fighter, they’re releasing it for FREE as a PC-only download.

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Random Art: One From the Vaults: Sonic + Mega Man

Quick backstory: I did this back in 1993, so perhaps I was a tiny bit psychic. About a year later, gamers were getting all excited reading about Sega making some sort of big publishing deal with Capcom which some thought would also bring Mega Man to the US on a Genesis cart. Of course, that didn’t exactly happen and Rockman Mega World/Mega Man: The Wily Wars is to date, a highly desired collectable. It was released in Japan and PAL territories in English, but Sega decided to ONLY give this game a shot as part of their innovative Sega Channel service.  Blast you Sega for being so damned forward thinking!

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