Gurumin 3D: Priced, Themed – Now It Just Needs A Hot Date

gurumin-logoMore happy news for you 3DS owners out there: Mastiff has announced a release date, price point and bonus downloadable themes for Gurumin 3D. You may commence with the happy dancing if you so desire:

During PAX West we let press in on a couple of exclusive secrets that we are now ready to share with you. First, the price. We are happy to let you know that Gurumin 3D will be released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for the shortcake-sweet price of $14.99. And second, at launch we will also be releasing multiple themes to decorate your 3DS with. One of these themes will be free with purchase! We’re still undecided which theme we’re including, but rest assured you’ll be getting one theme for free ninety-nine! ;D

As for those themes, I like this one the best:


But Mastiff wants to hear from YOU about which of these others you prefer, preferably on their Facebook and Twitter pages:


What? Did you say you wanted a handy video screenshot/art gallery combo? Okay. Here you go:

I think that’s it… well, that actual release date is still incoming, so that will be the next big news on the plate to watch for.




Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure 3D: Join Thursday’s Twitter Chat!


Hey! Got some burning questions about the Nintendo 3DS version of Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure, coming soon to the handheld? Well, join the Gurumin 3D Live Twitter Chat this Thursday (3-5pm Pacific Time, or 6-8pm here in NYC) on the game’s Twitter page! If you’re asking “What’s Gurumin?”, well, thank me now for removing that stone off your head and getting you into the daylight!

Here you go:


While you’re cooking up those tasty questions for tomorrow, check out this blog post on the Gurumin Rocks site to find out a few cool nuggets on how the game’s battle system evolved during development. I’ll be sitting on this session at some point, but don’t mind me – I’ll just be taking a break from a really insane backlog, chilling with a cold drink watching the questions roll in.


And if you need to get Gurumin and don’t own a 3DS, you’re still in luck! If you own a PSP, Vita, or PS TV, or have an active Steam account, well… you know what to do, right?

Mastiff’s Deer Drive Shoots Onto Nintendo DS

A hunting game on the go? Yes, indeed says Mastiff. The publisher has brought a portable version of its popular Wii simulation, Deer Drive to the Nintendo DS and it's now available at retailers across North America for a mere $19.99. Given that the Wii version moved around 400,000 copies, I'd say DS owners might make this one as much of a hit, if not more of one. Box art above, screens below with a bit of game info from the press release. Loyal hunting dog, Elmer Fudd cap and orange safety vest not included.

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Duck & Cover, Daffy! Mastiff’s Great American Bird Hunt Is Coming in November

Now, I could make the requisite “Dick Cheney is an unlockable character” joke, but it’s too damn obvious of a poke at the ex-VP (besides, he might show up on my doorstep). Anyway, if you’re not a PETA member of someone falling off the couch while headed to the phone to call your congressman to complain about whatever, this one actually looks as if it’ll be a lot of fun. Yeah, it’s looking like a more modern version of Nintendo’s classic Duck Hunt, but hey… if it worked back then, it’ll work just as well now.

Of course, this is from a lifelong Noo Yawkuh who’s barely set foot in the woods except for a few years of summer camp and a few trips with forest-friendly pals for camping trips too long ago. Anyway, Cover art, press release, game trailer (that music is a hoot!) and some nice screens below the jump.

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