The Bard’s Tale Trilogy Returns as a Re-Remake Worth a Buy



So, I’d been only lightly following inXile’s progress on The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep with the knowledge that the game was going to be quite impressive and when all of a sudden this trailer pops up in the inbox and waves at me. Well hello there, beautiful. Color me surprised and thrilled, ladies and germs:


(thanks, inXile!)


Nice. While it would have been great to get these in one download (or disc if it’s console bound), spreading the releases out over time means players can actually finish each game and have room left for part IV whenever it’s released. It’s always great to see Krome Studios hard at work (they’ve been one of my favorite developers since the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger days). Hmmm. Time to start carving out some spare time because it’s looking like Skara Brae might be a decent (albeit dangerous) vacation spot for a little while.


Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Is Back! Krome Set to Shine on Games for Windows 8 Platforms

ty is backFile this post under “Aha, I knew it!” Super talented Aussie developer Krome Studios has been posting all sorts of cool artwork from their older Ty the Tasmaniam Tiger games on Facebook for the past few weeks and now after a load of fan speculation, they’ve dropped a super cool trailer for an all all-NEW Ty game currently in development and set to launch later this year. And it’s a gorgeous HD sprite-based 2D side-scroller, to boot. That’s the great news. The not-so great news for console owners is the new game is currently only set to be released on Games for Windows 8 PCs and tablets. Which means Microsoft Studios is involved in the publishing process, which means the chances of this coming to a non-Microsoft console or handheld are currently slim to none. Grrrr. However, a tweet from Krome notes that the game “may end up elsewhere later on”, which balances things out a bit. Continue reading