Review: Deadly Premonition

Platform: Xbox 360

Developer: Access Games

Publisher: Ignition Entertainment

# of Players: 1

Rating: M (Mature)

Official Site

Score: A-

Deadly Premonition
just might be a tipping point for certain gamers who don’t quite trust mainstream review sites for any number of reasons. Sure, if you apply the now boring “by today’s standards…” mantra to every aspect of the game, it deserves a low score for failing to have stunning graphics, online multiplayer modes, flawless controls and so forth and so on. On the other hand, if you approach DP as a game experience that’s going to be (outside of yearly sequels and games trying to copy other games) wholly unique… well, hell – welcome to paradise. Granted, it’s a twisted paradise of survival horror, intentional comedy, open world exploration, police car driving and a main character that’s crazy as a herd of cows on a crack binge.

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Review: Nostalgia (Nintendo DS)

Platform: Nintendo DS/DSi

Developer: Matrix Software

Publisher: Ignition

# of Players: 1

Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+)

Official Site

Score: A

An excellent game for entry level players or seasoned JRPG veterans who can recall the “good old days” with a wistful smile, Nostalgia is one of the best games in the genre this year. The Matrix Software developed Tecmo/RED co-produced project, some ten years in the making, just feels right from the moment you start playing and it only gets better as the hours zoom by. What makes the game so outstanding are the combination of well-worn genre elements spiced up by a rewarding skills-based battle system and a huge game world absolutely packed with stuff to do and secrets to uncover. The game rarely misses a note throughout and despite a few minor flaws can easily stand up to some of today’s console JRPGs in terms of bang for the buck.

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Arc Rise Fantasia Headed to Wii From Ignition & Marvelous in 2010

Looks as if the Wii is getting another exclusive RPG and a mighty fine-looking one at that. Ignition Entertainment and Marvelous are bringing imageepoch’s epic Arc Rise Fantasia to the US next year. Here’s a quick look at some mostly character-centric screens (and yes, we’d like more, please!):

We’ll have more on Arc Rise Fantasia as news comes in.

Gallery: Nostalgia

2009 is turning into a really super year for Nintendo DS RPGs and here’s yet another one to absolutely go and pre-order if you’re into the genre. Ignition Entertainment’s upcoming Tecmo/Red/Matrix co-production, Nostalgia is only a short few weeks away from its October 27 release date, so here’s a look at the latest game trailer plus a nice selection of screenshots to pore over – enjoy!


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Nintendo World to Host Muramasa: The Demon Blade Launch Party

Hey! If you’re in the NYC area on Saturday, September 5, 2009, why not make the most of it and boogie on down, up, sideways or however else you can over to the Nintendo World Store located in Rockefeller Plaza (which is near Rockefeller Center, by the way).

Why? Well, it’s the Muramasa: the Demon Blade Release Par-tay, that’s why! Details below the jump…

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Muramasa: The Demon Blade Update #2: Momohime!

In this second character profile from Ignition’s upcoming Wii exclusive, Muramasa: the Demon Blade, it’s ladies night, as we get to meet the lovely yet deadly Momohime, complete with screenshots of her in action.

Additionally, the game’s official website is finally live, offering up some cool content that includes an art contest (I’d enter if I had time to sit down and do an illustration, but that’s kind of against the rules), media, some great wallpapers and lots more. Pop on over after you check out Momo’s profile and screens (below the jump, of course):

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Update: Muramasa: The Demon Blade – Meet Kisuke!

I’ve been a fan of VanillaWare ever since I picked up the awesome Action/RPG Princess Crown for my import Sega Saturn a few years ago, and while the company has only produced three other games since their 1997 debut, both Grim Grimoire and Odin Sphere have helped the small Japanese developer obtain legendary status among hardcore gamers. As for that third game, it’s a great PSP port of Princess Crown that was never released in the US (it’s not too late… anyone? Bueller?… Bueller?).

Their newest project, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, is a Wii exclusive side-scrolling action/RPG that’s been on my radar (as well as anyone who craves gorgeous side-scrolling bliss) for some time as a must-own game for the console. With Ignition Entertainment snapping up the publishing rights and the game’s release date right around the corner, we’ll take a look at the main character, Kisuke in this profile below the jump. Continue reading