Review: Nostalgia (Nintendo DS)

Platform: Nintendo DS/DSi

Developer: Matrix Software

Publisher: Ignition

# of Players: 1

Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+)

Official Site

Score: A

An excellent game for entry level players or seasoned JRPG veterans who can recall the “good old days” with a wistful smile, Nostalgia is one of the best games in the genre this year. The Matrix Software developed Tecmo/RED co-produced project, some ten years in the making, just feels right from the moment you start playing and it only gets better as the hours zoom by. What makes the game so outstanding are the combination of well-worn genre elements spiced up by a rewarding skills-based battle system and a huge game world absolutely packed with stuff to do and secrets to uncover. The game rarely misses a note throughout and despite a few minor flaws can easily stand up to some of today’s console JRPGs in terms of bang for the buck.

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Gallery: Nostalgia

2009 is turning into a really super year for Nintendo DS RPGs and here’s yet another one to absolutely go and pre-order if you’re into the genre. Ignition Entertainment’s upcoming Tecmo/Red/Matrix co-production, Nostalgia is only a short few weeks away from its October 27 release date, so here’s a look at the latest game trailer plus a nice selection of screenshots to pore over – enjoy!


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