Lost in Space: Dos Equis Boots Its Classy Coot to Mars

So, yeah… this happened. Dos Equis has decided to get rid of send off its former Most Interesting Man in the World and replace him with a to be announced younger dude who’s guaranteed to be more annoying and a lot less interesting (to me at least) because that’s what happens these days when a company practices ageism just to get more hipster doofus types soused out of their skulls (or: PROFIT!). Anyway, he’s going gracefully and humorously into that cold dark trip to his certain death, but hey – what a way to go, right?

Provided the fuel and liquid sustenance (which are both many kegs of Dos Equis) hold out, wait ’til he gets to “Mars” (hey, I saw Capricorn One TOO many times, folks) and finds Regis Philbin, Bob Barker and a bunch of other formerly popular celebs of a certain age booted off their shows for guzzling Geritol already up there playing golf. Betty White isn’t up there because she’s an alien (what, you didn’t know?) as are a few other oldsters you still see pop up on the tube.

The funny thing here is I had NO idea Mexico had a space program. American companies are sending them our jobs (they’re NOT “taking” them, ladies and gents) and they’re sending our fine American acting talent to other planets. That’s just not right, folks. Ah well, all this confusion and heavy thinking is making me want a beer. Any suggestions?

Tuesday’s Off: You Should Be Dancing, Yeah II

(thanks, Aleksandrs Vorobjovs!) 

Blech. Today’s off to a crappy start thanks to some idiot who needs to wake up and smell the coffee doing something he shouldn’t have that burned down all the bridges around him in one swell foop. Nope, it wasn’t me this time. It’s not fun at all watching someone lose his mind like that. But he’s old enough to know better yet still blames others for his misfortunes, vices and flaws. I don’t need that nonsense around me, so steps will be taken to remove said pox from the vicinity. Anyway, let’s all go dancing today just to keep things light. Whee! No more of this as it develops because it’s not important in the grand scheme of things. Some people just vote themselves off the island is all you really need to know.

(thanks, docludi2!)