Monday Means Mo’ Bundles, No Problems!

Well, actually you’ll have SOME problems as far as finding the time to play the games in these bundles, but hey – don’t shoot the messenger, folks. He needs to be alive to play the games in his backlog! Anyway, here’s what’s what from the usual three suspects and more:

Every Monday 1062014
IndieGala Every Monday Bundle: Six games, $1.89, 24 hours before the price increases, so get this one FAST. I like Sanctuary in this set of games the best, but your mileage may vary:


Humble Flash Bundle Kiss 

Meanwhile, back over at the Humble Flash Bundle… you can get six games for six bucks (or pay less for three titles, but you should really just spend the six bucks!) including a rather unique game version of The 39 Steps, which I kind of need to play because I love the film a whole lot:

Annnnd, finally (well, not really), Bundle Stars is introducing the Reboot Bundle 8.0 today, which is six (actually seven) games for a measly $1.99. This bundle has a really nice mix of games in it including both Etherlords games (that’s where the seven out of six games comes from) and the great adventure game, Gray Matter, which is ABSOLUTELY worth more than that two bucks:

And actually finally (heh), we have Fearless Fantasy, finally back on sale on Steam. It’s not part of a bundle and buying it doesn’t support any charities as with the other games listed here. But it’s a BUNDLE of fun and I know that developer Enter Skies and Publisher tinyBuild will be more than happy to take that $3.49 (reduced from $6.99) you want to give them.

Yes, the game is quite goofy. But it works for me, and like me, it’s CHEAP.

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