Dragon Age: Origins Update #6: Broodmother

In this week’s Dragon Age: Origins update, we take a look at one particularly nasty game bug (what?)… one that’s supposed to be in the game (calm down, now), and a BIG one at that (You may want to start screaming right about… now). Ewwww. I could say something silly like “Brood to the Mother” or worse (although that’s pretty damn terrible), but I’m only trying to lighten the mood a bit. Man, is that one ugly mass of monster. She looks like she ate Jabba the Hutt, his entourage and about half of the Death Star with a side dish of cold Cthulhu cutlets. Color me rattled. Thanks, BioWare. Get the Raid and hobnail boots ready, folks – here’s this week’s intro text and screenshots (and a nicely bloody trailer, which is HERE – not for the kiddies):



No one knows how the Darkspawn truly live in their tainted warrens beneath the earth, although a few Grey Wardens have, on occasion, delved deep into the old Dwarven tunnels in an effort to find the heart of the Darkspawn corruption and scour it clean. Those who ever returned, did so with ashen faces and spoke only of a creature called a “Broodmother” that haunted their dreams for the rest of their short existence. What the Broodmother truly is, only the Grey Wardens know for certain.

Dragon Age: Origins hits stores on November 3rd for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Back with another update soon!


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