I Think Tuco’s A Bit Upset…

(Thanks, Luciano Napoli!)

No, Tuco… you’ve not been forgotten, pal. We’ll get to you soon enough. Hey, folks – Video Store Action Heroes is a thing and it’s LIVE (woo and hoo). Check out the three cooler entries and mine, which is just OK:

Video Store Action Heroes - Banner 9 final

Just press PLAY (and don’t forget to rewind when you’re done, pal.

Mike’s Take on the Movies does up 1983’s Uncommon Valor (in which we also discover Mike either works out regularly, has some great Photoshop skills, or both).

Todd goes all Cinema Monolith on 1980’s ffolkes (aka North Sea Hijack or Assault Force) in a Moore or less fine as usual review.

Wolfman’s Cult Movie Club takes on one of my favorites, 1987’s The Hidden and I’ll say now that it’s a good thing he saw this great hidden gem first and not the screamingly awful sequel.

What’s up for future installments? Well… you’ll just need to tune in and find out now, won’t you?


Memo to (SOME) Fanboys and Girls: Lighten the F*#K Up and LEARN For a Change! Seriously.

(thanks, Spike Lee! Yeah, THAT Spike Lee!) 

OK, kids… basta es basta. It’s now impossible to have a conversation with some people these days without an opinion getting in the way of someone learning something that might help them see something more clearly (and truthfully) in regards to a favorite slice of entertainment. You can’t “win” a non-debate by being the biggest mouth in the room or very selectively highlighting bits of another conversation that only show you’re a really terrible chooser of words that only make you look foolish for ignoring the ones you’ve missed.

Life gets easier once you admit you’re wrong once in a while and that your opinions on stuff you love don’t count a whit when an actual fact hits you over the head about something you deem sacred (and makes your opinions as valid as a winged moon-cow). You don’t lose any points for ‘fessing up to a fault, as we all eat some crow from time to time (and NEED to, frankly speaking – it keeps honesty alive and kicking one in the ass). Take a page from the late Radio Raheem and learn to LOVE a little before your HATE for the truth knocks you the f*#k out in public. Live and learn from your mistakes – this makes you a better person. NOT what you think you know because your emotion center works better than your rational thinking.

Like The New DAF Logo?

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a quickie MS Paint job an eight-year old could do in his or her sleep, but it’s much more distinctive than the generic type I started DAF with. Actually, I worked up a bunch of other logo ideas, so here’s a few more you may see up top in the near future (or not):

Feel free to comment on the new logo and the other designs. Who knows, I just may have a non-lucrative future in coming up with unused logo ideas!