Memo to (SOME) Fanboys and Girls: Lighten the F*#K Up and LEARN For a Change! Seriously.

(thanks, Spike Lee! Yeah, THAT Spike Lee!) 

OK, kids… basta es basta. It’s now impossible to have a conversation with some people these days without an opinion getting in the way of someone learning something that might help them see something more clearly (and truthfully) in regards to a favorite slice of entertainment. You can’t “win” a non-debate by being the biggest mouth in the room or very selectively highlighting bits of another conversation that only show you’re a really terrible chooser of words that only make you look foolish for ignoring the ones you’ve missed.

Life gets easier once you admit you’re wrong once in a while and that your opinions on stuff you love don’t count a whit when an actual fact hits you over the head about something you deem sacred (and makes your opinions as valid as a winged moon-cow). You don’t lose any points for ‘fessing up to a fault, as we all eat some crow from time to time (and NEED to, frankly speaking – it keeps honesty alive and kicking one in the ass). Take a page from the late Radio Raheem and learn to LOVE a little before your HATE for the truth knocks you the f*#k out in public. Live and learn from your mistakes – this makes you a better person. NOT what you think you know because your emotion center works better than your rational thinking.

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