A Day Off, A Day Late…


Okay, I hadn’t taken a day off in AGES, but Saturday I decided to do just that after making a few mistakes that meant I just NEEDED to get out of the home office. I did finally wrap up End of Serenity earlier in the day (actually VERY early Saturday morning) and started my review, but I was feeling a bit burned out from playing until Z o’clock, there was also a small freelance gig I needed to wrap up and I also had to rewrite a product review I’d started a while back that I accidentally deleted and turned into another post thanks to copying and pasting a document into the wrong Edit Post tab not realizing I’d overwritten the wrong post until I closed all the tabs and remembered that I was working on three things at the same time, not two as usual. Bleh.

So, I decided to tackle the easiest thing (the proofreading gig) and close up shop for the day. I ended up going to see X-Men: Days of Future Past at an overpriced theater in NYC close to a spot where I used to live and afterward, poked around some shops and into the old neighborhood to see what’s changed since I left so many years ago. Quite a lot, it turns out… but there were also some things that stayed pretty much the same. One constant: a LOT of tipsy people roam the streets on a Saturday night. I wasn’t one of them, however. Anyway, I’m back and will have a few posts up later today. Off to sleep for me now. I needed that little break!


X-Men: Days of Future Past Poster Blitz

I’m not sure how many “official” posters there are for this upcoming blockbuster, but Comic Book Movie has a nice set of nine new ones up today to check out, all of which are pretty darn cool. Add the ones at the Imp Awards gallery and that’s eighteen posters with who knows how many more to come before the film arrives here on May 23, 2014. I’m glad I don’t collect these things anymore, as I’d need a warehouse for each film that comes out I’m interested in or like already. Ah well… someone is doing the living vicariously stuff on that front for me out there, so no worries…

X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer 2: It’s A Mutant Monday Today? Sure, Why Not?

Since we’re now in summer blockbuster mode something like eleven months out of the year, I may as well post this big new trailer for the big new upcoming mutant-packed extravaganza. As a fan of the original story arc this comes from but not of all the movies, my feeling are mixed even though this does look quite thrilling. I’m probably jaded thanks to all these CG effects taking up so much screen time and real estate in films such as this that with few exceptions, these films start to all look alike. That said, somehow Marvel has yet to find how to make ALL its special effects packed films equally worthy of a trip to the theater as they’ve been hit and miss the last few years. Although it seems they’ll be getting plenty of opportunities to flood cinemas, TV, and any other device that can get a program up and running with caped and non-caped heroes galore 24 hours a day, so I guess that trend will continue for a while. Is this a good thing? Hmmmmm… for me, the jury’s out (way out). But remember kids… man cannot live by end of the world scenarios and last minute super rescues alone, as you’ll soon find out. Hell, the newspapers are chock full of REAL life doom and gloom as it is!