A Day Off, A Day Late…

Okay, I hadn’t taken a day off in AGES, but Saturday I decided to do just that after making a few mistakes that meant I just NEEDED to get out of the home office. I did finally wrap up End of Serenity earlier in the day (actually VERY early Saturday morning) and started my review, but I was feeling a bit burned out from playing until Z o’clock, there was also a small freelance gig I needed to wrap up and I also had to rewrite a product review I’d started a while back that I accidentally deleted and turned into another post thanks to copying and pasting a document into the wrong Edit Post tab not realizing I’d overwritten the wrong post until I closed all the tabs and remembered that I was working on three things at the same time, not two as usual. Bleh.

So, I decided to tackle the easiest thing (the proofreading gig) and close up shop for the day. I ended up going to see X-Men: Days of Future Past at an overpriced theater in NYC close to a spot where I used to live and afterward, poked around some shops and into the old neighborhood to see what’s changed since I left so many years ago. Quite a lot, it turns out… but there were also some things that stayed pretty much the same. One constant: a LOT of tipsy people roam the streets on a Saturday night. I wasn’t one of them, however. Anyway, I’m back and will have a few posts up later today. Off to sleep for me now. I needed that little break!

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