Retro Summer Heat: Bad Girls Go to Hell Trailer

BGGTHThis post is for the smiling guy I saw out walking today wearing a suit and tie all buttoned up and saying to his baking lady friend (trying to keep up in her high heels and about to melt makeup) “This heat is NOTHING to me! HAHAHAHAHA!”

Yeah, you suck and the planet you come from sucks as well.

Note: SOME would say this trailer is NSFW, but given that I’m posting this after work hours, YOU can watch it and not feel guilty or cheap. Unless you’re watching this at work and get creeped on by your boss. Oops – now he’s going to think a lot less (or more) of you and you’ll get a raise or a demotion or something. Whatever it is, even if it’s “good”, it’s not good, as now he’ll be sliding by with a grin on his mug, a mug in his claw and a “Whatcha watchin’?” leer to really freak you out. OK, other than clips on some ancient HBO show and stills from a book a friend lent me many years ago, I’ve actually never seen a Doris Wishman-directed film. The trailer makes me want to. It’s the title, silly. Well, OK… the sheer camp value is also the kicker here. Anyway, yeah… some of you need another shower, the rest of you want to chase me around the room with a spiked baseball bat. It’s too hot for the latter, so just stick your head and feet into a nice bucket of ice (or ice cream) and cool off. You can hate me in the winter or something…

Or you can hate the fine folks at Sleaze-O-Rama for twisting your arm and “making” you click that link… and yeah, Bad Girls go to Hell 365 days a year – they just wear less in this weather.


It’s an Impromptu Holiday. Whee? Nope, It’s Just Too HOT to Work…

stretching things_5Myahhh. MAN, it’s HOT out. Some like it that way, but I do NOT. “How hot is it?” you ask? TOO damn hot, it’s too damn hot. To be more precise, it’s hotter than Georgia asphalt out, my energy level is draaaaining faster than the Bandy tract (sslurrrrrrrp!) and I think I’m melting. How are you feeling? Hot, hot, hot? It feels like today is the day the earth stood still AND caught fire. I could go on and on with the movie references, but my poor brain has gone and walked on out of my head and is sitting in the freezer taking a nap. And my feet are about to go join it there.

Anyway, back later tonight, or at most, by tomorrow morning to afternoon. I’m so beat that on the way back from shopping with ingredients to make a niiiiice soup, I thought of the time I needed to spend chopping up stuff to toss into a pot, made a detour and had a slice of pizza and the rest of that bottle of formerly ice-cold water I’d been toting around all day.

OK, I did get three insanely hot peppers cut up and into a jar with some oil for later use, but while saving the seeds to plant (hey, free peppers are a side benefit and easy to grow too!), I accidentally rubbed my eye (thankfully after washing my hands) and had a small sun frying one side of my face for a bit. Oh, it’s fine now, but I was about to act out the ending of The Man With the X-Ray Eyes for about five minutes or so. OK, I’m going to take another shower and collapse onto my bed with the fan on. If I pop up later tonight, it’ll be a miracle…