Review: Sonic Generations

Platform: Xbox 360 (also on PS3, Wii)

Developer: Sonic Team

Publisher: Sega

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Official Site

Score: A


The Sonic Team (and Sonic) renaissance continues with another solid and hugely fun to play Sonic the Hedgehog game. While not flawless, Sonic Generations does a mostly stellar job of recapturing the nostalgia of the blue hedgehog’s early days while also giving gamers a Shake ‘n Bake of pretty much every major Sonic game (and a few minor ones) that’s come along since. Those well-versed in Sonic lore will be grinning ear to ear at the presentation, looking for references all over the place as they play through the game. Like the classic games it cobbles its levels and characters from, the overall experience is somewhat brief. However, just like the old days, this is one game you’ll blow through once and go back to over and over until you’ve aced every challenge and scored “S” ranks across every single map. Continue reading

Sonic Generations Dreamcast Era Trailer Brings Back Memories…

I remember seeing screenshots of Sonic Adventure and being blown away by how great the game looked. Sega’s upcoming console had definitely opened the door for developers to start creating console games that actually looked closer to CG trailers of the period and the DC was home to quite a few spectacular-looking titles, a few of which still stand out as solid genre classics. My review copy of Sonic Generations is on the way, so I’ll be taking time out from reworking the blog to post my impressions. Stay tuned…

TGS 2011: Sonic Generations "Genesis Era" Trailer

Ah, nostalgia… SG is looking really cool and hopefully will capture the absolute best of the 2D and 3D Sonic games in one package. The last couple of Sonic titles have been quite good, warts and all, but I think Sega is on track to deliver one of the best games featuring its popular mascot to date. If not, it’s off the the glue factory. That or I can see some failed mascot from days gone by taking Sonic’s place. Anyone remember Socket, Pulseman or Awesome Possum? NO? Hmmm.. then again, I think Sonic’s job is quite secure after all…

Gamescom 2011: Sonic Generations Trailer – The Hedgehog Still Has It Going On…

It looks as if we’re getting yet another solid Sonic game zooming our way soon enough. This time, classic and current play get mashed up in a cool way, so everyone should be pretty pleased with the end result. Of course, I’m still waiting for those Panzer Dragoon Box and Shining Force III Complete remakes, a new Otogi game and a ton of other stuff Sega’s NOT working on, but I’ll take the good stuff they’re producing one game at a time starting with this one…

Sonic Generations Trailer

Hot on the heels of the game announcement yesterday, here’ s a peek at Sonic Generations gameplay. Set for a winter release, this PS3 and Xbox 360 game is looking to be the definitive HD Sonic experience (provided it all gels together everything its trying to do right and gets the fans happy). I’m liking what I see, that’s for sure… and Classic Sonic is back on the block!