Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Have a SUPER Monday With These Heroic Gift Ideas…

gift_guide_2014Like it or not, you just can’t get away from superhero-themed gifts anymore. Most of us creaky adults who grew up with a TV in the house can probably recall those holidays and other special occasions where we got our favorite caped or non-caped hero (or villain!) in a box as an action figure or printed on some sort of common object that was now even more special.
This has pretty much always been a successful business for companies jumping on the licensing bandwagon, but the sheer amount of retailers stocking these goods today is staggering. This of course is good for you as a consumer because loads of choice means plenty of retailers socking it out for your hard earned shekels.  Anyway, here are another bunch of cool items to spend your loot on and sure, you can get me something if you feel like it!
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SDCC 2014: Sideshow Collectibles Wants That Girl From Drakulon To Drain Your Wallet…

Vampirella PFF 1Hokay, I haven’t read a complete issue of Vampirella in years, but I can very safely say that this Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure Vampirella is quite possibly the best sculpted version of the character I’ve ever seen. It’s not the “cutest” one out there (Sideshow’s Tooned Up Vampi takes that particular crown), but fans who want a more realistic figure to stick on a shelf or in a collector’s cabinet need look no further.

Amusingly enough, this sculpt also reveals how awesomely impossible that Drakulon one piece non-swimsuit is (without the strategic application of body tape and carefully choreographed movement, I can’t see any real life lady strutting around in this without something popping out for all the world to see). But I’d bet you’re not dropping $399.99 on this just to wonder about physics and pneumatic movement and such. Anyway, this over-sized monster-piece isn’t out until May 2015, but Sideshow will gladly take that money you’re throwing at the screen and send you one of these once they’re ready to ship.

Vampirella PFF 3Vampirella PFF 2

This one’s going to be on display at San Diego Comic-Con and until August 5, Sideshow is still running a giveaway on their site where you can snag a Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure with a rocket-fast entry. I saw this one at a comic shop here and it’s pretty awesome. And huge. I guess it’s a good thing I have no room for these big figures and I’m saving my money for that working time machine that pops up on eBay every so often or I’d have a room full of Premium Format Figures and a sleepy security guard to watch over them…

Vampirella Gets Tooned Up For The New Year Thanks To Sideshow Collectibles

Vampi_Tooned_Up 2Growing up reading and collecting those Warren magazines she starred in, I don’t recall ever wanting so say “D’aaawwww!” (ever!) at anything Vampirella did, but THIS figure is so stupidly cute I couldn’t help myself when I clicked on the link in the email I got. Sideshow Collectibles has teamed up with Tracy Mark Lee of Electric Tiki to bring fans of that Girl From Drakulon this lovely 10.5 inch statue in a limited edition of 750 pieces, set for a January 2014 launch.

Naturally, pre-orders are being taken NOW and at $159.99 (with free shipping AND you can pay in installments if you so desire), this one’s geared for the core collector who wants something fun for that shelf, desk or airtight display case. Of course, there will be some fans who turn up their nose at this statue because they want a more SERIOUS Vampi, buy fear not, you elites… Sideshow is going to be taking care of your blood frenzy pretty soon, too.

Sideshow Collectibles Wants YOU to WIN One Big-Ass Boba Fett Bust

Feeling psychic and lucky? Well then, boogie on over to Sideshow Collectibles and enter their Oscar picks contest. Win big, and the next time you’re watching Return of the Jedi and reciting the dialogue, when you get to Han Solo’s “Boba Fett? Boba Fett, Where?” , you can turn, point at the life-sized character bust that showed up in the post and commence with the cracking up. Yeah, it’s pretty damn cool, huh? Anyway, go pick a few winners and keep those fingers crossed. One runner up nets a nice Whiplash figure from Iron Man 2, by the way. Your chance to win is a few clicks away!