Review: Rollers of the Realm (PC)

RotR logoPlatform: PC (also on PS4, Vita)

Developer: Phantom Compass

Publisher: Atlus

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: ?

Official Site


Score: A- (90%)


Rollers Screens (17) While it may seem like a super-easy casual game at first glance, don’t let the either the art style or offbeat hybrid concept fool you one bit. Rollers of the Realm offers up a serious challenge to pinball aficionados and is one of the bigger indie surprises of 2014. However, you really don’t need to be a pinball wizard to fully enjoy what’s here. The game offers up enough fun to get pretty much anyone who picks it up pulled into its unusual blending of genres. Developer Phantom Compass gets some decent mileage from its medieval fantasy epic setting, dedicated voice actors and yes, the all-important element of making the gameplay both fresh and rewarding… Continue reading

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy. Therefore…

RotR Vita 

This is about to happen. Well, later this afternoon once I get a few updates in. Yup, Rollers of the Realm on the Vita will be my savior for this rather crap-tastic week with the asbestos and the yucky kitchen situation and other stuff that’s still unresolved. And that’s not all, ladies and germs. I also have the PC version of RotR here as well as this to dive into for a bit:

Adventure Time SotNK PC 

I got home last night and played Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom for about 20 minutes, which definitely helped lighten my mood considerably. So, that’s also going to get reviewed but good shortly. Okay, that’s my fast “what the heck am I doing?” update, minus a few other recent games and books I need to cover. Back in a bit. I’ve got to poke through my inbox and whittle down the pile of requests, review codes, news and other potential work making stuff. Back in a bit…

New Rollers of the Realm Trailer: Some Puzzles With Your Pinball/RPG? Sure, Why Not?

Rollers of the Realm is getting better and better, isn’t it? Phantom Compass’ upcoming hybrid game set to be published by Atlus in November is certainly looking even more polished (like a gigantic shiny new pinball) in this new trailer and I’m betting PS4 and Vita owners will be more than pleased with the plot, puzzles and play in this game when they finally get their hands on it. I’m still going back to that super aged preview build I have for PC just to get a whiff of what to expect and it’s so clear that the game’s going to exceed expectations on a few key fronts. I’m not sure Atlus needs to run another trailer until the November release, but I won’t complain at all if they do. That’s just one more opportunity to reach out and get a few more sales from potential pinballers who might not have gotten the good word already.

Back with more if more is on the way, as usual…

Rollers of the Realm Priced (YES!) and Dated (Sort Of): Get Ready To Roll This November!

ROTR battleA mere penny under ten bucks for this Pinball/RPG hybrid AND it’s cross-buy/cross-save on the Vita and PS4? Yep, I’m in day one and you should be too. I’m all over this one and have been since I heard about it early in development because I’m a pinball maniac with no room for an actual machine in my place (boo!) and a love for developers who keep the silver ball flame going by every means necessary. I also love RPGs, so developer Phantom Compass had me from day one. Atlus picking this up to publish also made me grin a wee bit too much because this means it’s going to get that extra push and pedigree their best games get and hopefully score some point among the fans who’d normally avoid a western-produced game for some oddball reason.

Anyway, I’m betting on Rollers of the Realm being a total no-brainer buy when it finally hits PSN in November. Heck, even if you avoid digital games like the plague, I’d day lift your “nope” restrictions, drop the ten bucks on this PSN download and play a game that will surprise your socks off at how good and FUN it is.

Rollers of the Realm Teaser Trailer: Pinball & Wizards Combine In This Soon To Be Sleeper Hit…

ROTR 1I’ve been looking forward to Rollers of the Realm ever since it was a PC-only game from Phantom Compass (“and friends”), but now that’s it’s been snapped up by Atlus for a winter release, I’m eager to see how a larger gaming audience responds to it. Granted, I’m old and wise enough to know this isn’t the FIRST pinball-themed RPG at all, but it’s the one I’m betting more people will be talking about once they play it. I still have an early demo of the game from last year on my hard drive and go back to it often just so I can stave off my need to want the full version sooner than its release date.

Personally, I’m super thrilled to see this on the Vita, as it’s most likely going to be one of those niche titles that gets bought because it’s so unlike anything on the handheld and even the purer pinball sims out there need to bow down a tiny bit at this blending of genres and how it all works so well. Anyway, back to waiting for some smoke signals or whatever Atlus will send up as far as preview or review code. I can wait a while, but I also don’t want to see this gem buried in the holiday crunch of AAA titles everyone always falls for…

Rollers of the Realm Update: Atlus Snaps Up This Pinball Winner!


2012-09-13 Rogue (Pose 2, Angry) 2012-12-28 KnightPose3 2013-05-15 Crone (Hooded)

I was wondering what happened to Phantom Compass’ REALLY awesome RPG/pinball hybrid since I last played and wrote about my experience with a pre-beta build, but thanks to publisher Atlus, that mystery is solved. Rollers of the Realm is coming this holiday season not only to PC, but PlayStation 4 and Vita, making it FLY to the top of my want list of must-play titles.

rollers-of-the-realm-blacksmith-01 rollers-of-the-realm-main-square-02 rollers-of-the-realm-port-01 rollers-of-the-realm-throne-room-01 rollers-of-the-realm-thug-den-01

More on this one after the show. I predict it’ll be quite the sleeper hit…

New Rollers of the Realm Trailer: “We’ve Got The Biggest Balls of Them All!”

Okay, I really couldn’t think of anything pinball related, thanks to a slight cold coming on and my head being a little fuzzier than usual. “Thankfully” that old AC/DC tune happened to pop into my head and here you go. Anyway, Rollers of the Realm looks even more polished in this trailer and thanks to all the folks voting for it on Steam Greenlight, the game is becoming even more eagerly anticipated. Phantom Compass (and friends) expect to have this one ready to go before the year is out and as a longtime Pinball fanatic, I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

Rollers of the Realm Pre-Beta Hands-On: Pinball Wizards Whip Up an Instant Classic

RotR_picI can probably tell you the long and boring story of my first pinball machine memories (1972,Gottlieb’s Batter Up, first version, but I also vaguely recall playing Central Park a few years earlier at Coney Island while standing on a rickety wooden crate), but then you’d be fast asleep and drooling in front of your computer instead of up-voting Phantom Compass’ (and friends!) innovative Rollers of the Realm on Steam Greenlight.

The team is working on what’s turning out to be a superb genre-blending mix of old and new ideas that features some excellent pinball action, decent writing and so far, what’s looking to be the makings of an instant hit that absolutely deserves to be on as many platforms as possible. I signed up to get access to a playable version as soon as I heard this was in development, that pre-beta access popped up in my inbox on Friday and after playing the first chapter a few times, I’m definitely recommending anyone even remotely interested in pinball, RPGs and puzzle games to take a nice long look at this one…

Continue reading

Rollers of the Realm: Pinball, Puzzle & RPG? Three Tastes That Taste Great Together!

I’ll admit my eyebrow went flying up into the air for a second when I heard about Rollers of the Realm, but after a look around at the video above and the official site, I’m all in. Yeah, developer Phantom Compass (and friends) currently only has this set to hit PC and certain phone and tablet-shaped portable devices, but I think this one could be the new Puzzle Quest if it hits consoles as well at some point down the road. Sure, it’ll cost more to buy if it’s on the PS3 and Vita va PSN, Wii U and 3DS eShop or the Xbox 360 through XBLA. But hey, we console gamers are USED to paying more for some games because we know it generally costs more to bring them over with new features. Granted, I’d prefer this on a disc or game card, but that’s not going to happen at all, I’d bet. So a nice and shiny HD download is perfectly fine by me. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one, that’s for sure…