Review: Laser Disco Defenders (Vita)

And I thought Assault Suits Leynos was tough. HA!

LDD art

Platform: PlayStation Vita (PSN)
Developer: Out of Bounds Games
Publisher: Excalibur Games
# of Players: 1
MSRP: $9.99
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+)
Official Site
Score: A (90%)


Don’t let the cute art style and funky tunes fool you one bit, folks. Laser Disco Defenders is a tough cookie of a shooter that will test the skills and patience of the most hardcore gamers out there. Ten bucks is a bargain for a game that takes a while to complete and will keep the best coming back for more. That trailer makes it look like a simple “pew-pew-pew!” casual bit of fluff, but make no mistake – the game will eat your lunch before you make it to the first boss and it only gets tougher as you progress. At some point the more impatient out there will possibly want to jump up and down on their poor Vitas simply because stomping on both hands will only result with some nurse feeding them applesauce for a few weeks.

That said, I love this game quite a lot. Continue reading

Laser Disco Defenders: Your Vita Should Be Dancing (Soon), Yeah!

LDD logo

Excalibur Publishing is stretching its wings onto the Vita with this wacky arcade-like shooter for the PlayStation Vita. Laser Disco Defenders is coming soon-ish from developer Out of Bounds Games and it looks (and sounds) like an instant indie classic. Check out the teaser trailer below:


As this post on the PlayStation Blog notes, Procedural maps, quirky characters to customize with assorted accessories and plenty of “Pew-Pew-Pew!” action make this one a nice surprise on a handheld that needs more of them. I’m hoping it ships with the ability to import tunes as I can see someone out there uploading a certain film soundtrack or at least ONE particular track from that film soundtrack. Hey, I didn’t say I’d be the one adding that tune… then again, who doesn’t like a little Fever when the right moment comes, right?