Laser Disco Defenders: Your Vita Should Be Dancing (Soon), Yeah!

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Excalibur Publishing is stretching its wings onto the Vita with this wacky arcade-like shooter for the PlayStation Vita. Laser Disco Defenders is coming soon-ish from developer Out of Bounds Games and it looks (and sounds) like an instant indie classic. Check out the teaser trailer below:


As this post on the PlayStation Blog notes, Procedural maps, quirky characters to customize with assorted accessories and plenty of “Pew-Pew-Pew!” action make this one a nice surprise on a handheld that needs more of them. I’m hoping it ships with the ability to import tunes as I can see someone out there uploading a certain film soundtrack or at least ONE particular track from that film soundtrack. Hey, I didn’t say I’d be the one adding that tune… then again, who doesn’t like a little Fever when the right moment comes, right?


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