Dark Horse Comics Breaks Out Laser Kitty So You’ll Drop Dollars Their Way Come Cyber Monday…

And who DOESN’T like a sale? Dark Horse Digital is going to be running a BIG one come Cyber Monday and yes, both you and your money are invited. Two people walk in, one person leave (that is, if your money were a person, but you get the drift). Take a whopping 50% off your order, sir or madam? “YES, PLEASE” is your response, you get to roll away with another instant library (well, I bet you lose an hour or so choosing from the virtual pile of books there) and everyone’s happy. Except maybe for Laser Kitty who had to have those contacts put in. Everyone hates those contacts. Fortunately I hear he got a hunk of fresh tuna later for his troubles. So yeah, set your time machine for Monday, boogie on over to the Dark Horse site, redeem that 50% discount with the coupon code ­­­­­­­­­­dhdcyber2013 and fill up whatever your reading device of choice is with some choice comics! By the way, this offer is good for 24 hours beginning at midnight (PST) on Monday, December 2 with a $20 cart minimum, but you KNOW you’ll blow through that roof pretty quickly once you start clicking around.