Someone Left a Cake Out in the Rain (So it’s Likely for Me)

So, whadyagetme for my birthday? It’s today, you know. As for gifts, well… I got myself a little party to throw later:

(Thanks robatsea2009!)

Or, wait… maybe it’s this party?

(Thanks, 88 Films!)

Hmmm. I’m confused, but I know it isn’t this party because I went to it and did NOT have a good time at all:

(Thanks, Zero Media!)

In reality, other than thinking cake-like thoughts for a hot minute, I have no big deal plans for today at all. The day will be spent at home maybe with a movie, definitely with some gaming (I have a few backlogged films and games to get to, as usual), and probably no big deal food item other than what I plan to cook for myself later (ah, the wonderful world of restricted dieting, but at least it will be quite tasty). General mood in my current state is more or less this (and I’m not Thulsa Doom here):

(Thanks, Dean Oliver!)

Eh, whatever. I suppose things cold be worse, but let’s leave it at that for the moment.

Back in a bit.


Hmm. It Seems IKEA Has Something For Every Storage Solution…

Heh. They ought to see my current game library. Hmmmm… if I had the time and a camera to make a fancy video, maybe I should send them a clip so all those people could fall out of their fancy (but relatively inexpensive) Swedish-designed chairs as they scramble to solve MY particular problem. Bonus points if they can get 2000+ games, about 40 or so systems, a ton of press materials and a smaller stack of movies spread across storage in THREE rooms into ONE. Then and only then would I be a true believer! Then again, the wonders they did for this guy in Singapore sure are pretty neat to behold, so there’s hope for me yet.