HALLOWEEN Meets Halloween: Dreamy Nightmare Time


From the depths of the Internet, one smart YouTuber named juvan baldeo took my favorite Halloween movie and my favorite Halloween song and made this beauty of a clip. Enjoy!


Speaking of Halloween, Here’s Your Music for the Day…

I Was A Teenage Zombie MPSo, on the way to where I’m at now, I overheard some kids talking about scary music for Halloween and in passing, I didn’t hear anything scary coming out of their mouths but I immediately though of my go-to Halloween song ever since I heard it on the soundtrack to 1987’s horror/humor film I Was a Teenage Zombie. While this campy gore flick isn’t exactly a “classic” to some genre fans, it’s funny in spots and yes, has some icky scenes that will put the squeamish behind a chair with a blanket on their heads.

That said, it’s the film’s soundtrack that’s the most amazing thing about it. The Fleshtones, Violent Femmes, Alex Chilton, Smithereens, Los Lobos, Del Fuegos all contributed some great tunes to this flick, but it’s Dream Syndicate’s eerie slow burner, Halloween that kills everything else here. Yes, it sounds like a Velvet Underground or Lou Reed song (that’s part of the charm), but it creeps into your ears with a fade in, has a brilliant, moody guitar solo and if you happen to be listening to it while walking down a dark street, the last lines in the song will make you either look over your shoulder or walk backwards until you’re in a better lit location.

Of course… if you’re walking backwards down a dark street, people will either be scared of you. Especially if you were smart enough to be wearing a homemade hoodie with an invunche face painted or stitched on that hood you have on your head. That will freak anyone out, even the craziest movie killing machine. You’re welcome and I get 17% if you steal my idea and start selling your version on etsy.