Sly sci-fi adventure/puzzle game will work your brain quite well, although it’s got a few issues. Still, if you want something uniquely replayable, this has got your name and number all over it. 

BREACHED headerPlatform: PC
Developer: Drama Drifters
Publisher: Nkidu Games
# of Players: 1
Release Date: 6/22/2016
MSRP: $6.99
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)
Official Site
Score: B- (75%) BUY IT!


Have you ever lost your keys in your own home, had a devil of a time searching for them, only to discover yourself in bed, waking from a dream that was all too real… until you get ready to walk out the door but end up having to look for your keys?  But then… you REALLY wake up and you’re just staring up at the ceiling, but wanting to pinch yourself hard because you want to be 100% sure you’re NOT dreaming this time? That’s BREACHED in a nutshell.

Indie developer Drama Drifters has cooked up a beautiful-looking sci-fi/mystery adventure game with a simple yet complex manner about it. Simple in that it’s relatively short, but complex in that it needs to be replayed a few times in order to see everything it has to offer. So, that short length ends up being initially perplexing if you go in expecting anything other than what the game has to offer and you’re back in the think of things doing it all over again.


Waking up from suspended animation on a strange planet, Corus Valott finds his life support and a few other important systems down for the count. A bit of memory loss thanks to that damage has left him a bit fuzzy on certain things, but Valott knows that without stuff getting back online, he’s not going to survive. All he has is a flying drone that can gather random materials and a few days to sort things out before he’s doomed and forgotten.

That, dear reader is where you come in, of course. All you need to do is use that drone’s limited daily power to collect data and materials, get them back to the base and combine them carefully. An easy enough task… but poor Corus isn’t his best thanks to his debilitating condition. As noted above, it’s quite like that lost key dream within a dream within a dream thing to some extent.

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BREACHED header 

Welcome to BREACHED, coming to Steam sometime this year from indie developer Drama Drifters. “What’s it all about?” you ask with a raised eyebrow as you lean forward in your seat. Well… let’s take a look:


You awaken as Corus Valott, long lost in cryogenic slumber, to find your shelter damaged by unknown circumstances. The land and settlements around you have crumbled to ruin, broken buildings and jagged shards all that remains. Confused and isolated, you’re compelled to repair the shelter, explore the ruins and scavenge your surroundings, in hopes of uncovering – or perhaps avoiding – the uncomfortable truth of what has transpired.


Well, that’s not good news at all for Corus, but the game certainly looks quite impressive despite his plight.

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You’d THINK by 2245 (when the game takes place), we’d have all this “how to survive on other planets” stuff down pat. But, nope. Stuff always tends to go haywire in sci-fi, which is of course a good deal better than it happening in reality, right? This is probably why BREACHED will work so well (if that trailer is any indication). Survival simulation, speedy drone piloting, exploration and repairs all come into play as Corus only has eight (game) days to get things taken care of. Will he make it off that rock or what? I’d say that may be all up to you and what the developers have planned. While you’re waiting for the release date, feel free to give a listen to the game’s otherworldly soundtrack a bunch of times while you wait. It’s quite good.

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