BREACHED header 

Welcome to BREACHED, coming to Steam sometime this year from indie developer Drama Drifters. “What’s it all about?” you ask with a raised eyebrow as you lean forward in your seat. Well… let’s take a look:


You awaken as Corus Valott, long lost in cryogenic slumber, to find your shelter damaged by unknown circumstances. The land and settlements around you have crumbled to ruin, broken buildings and jagged shards all that remains. Confused and isolated, you’re compelled to repair the shelter, explore the ruins and scavenge your surroundings, in hopes of uncovering – or perhaps avoiding – the uncomfortable truth of what has transpired.


Well, that’s not good news at all for Corus, but the game certainly looks quite impressive despite his plight.

screenshot-1-f screenshot-2-f screenshot-3-f screenshot-4-f screenshot-5-f screenshot-6-f


You’d THINK by 2245 (when the game takes place), we’d have all this “how to survive on other planets” stuff down pat. But, nope. Stuff always tends to go haywire in sci-fi, which is of course a good deal better than it happening in reality, right? This is probably why BREACHED will work so well (if that trailer is any indication). Survival simulation, speedy drone piloting, exploration and repairs all come into play as Corus only has eight (game) days to get things taken care of. Will he make it off that rock or what? I’d say that may be all up to you and what the developers have planned. While you’re waiting for the release date, feel free to give a listen to the game’s otherworldly soundtrack a bunch of times while you wait. It’s quite good.

Back with more on this one once the inbox gets a tickle of news.

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