Gallery: Fearless Fantasy – A Super Colorful Gesture-Based JRPG Homage? Count Me In!


So, these past few weeks are turning out to be full of nice surprises on the indie game scene, or perhaps I’m finally starting to see new games that grab my attention because they stand out from the way too crowded marketplace that seems to get new titles on a daily basis vying for attention. This time, it’s tinyBuild Games‘ upcoming digital-only release Fearless Fantasy, a wonderful-looking turn-based RPG with gesture-based combat, rich, colorful graphics and actual (as in GOOD) humor in the writing. Sure, my plate is full and my backlog is mighty, but as soon as saw that video above, those screenshots below and the GIFs , I made room to give this one a shot once a preview code arrives.

FearlessFantasy_ScreenShot2 FearlessFantasy_ScreenShot3 FearlessFantasy_ScreenShot4 FearlessFantasyScreenShot-1 dont-marry-the-guy hole mushrooms Xola

As for those GIFs, they’re below the jump along with a bit of amusing press release stuff to peruse along with some lovely character images. If you didn’t watch that video above, prepare your eyeballs for a color blast assault… Continue reading