Sands of Destruction Hands-On

Sega’s upcoming Nintendo DS exclusive RPG, Sands of Destruction is going to blow you away. With its superb production values, supremely beautiful visuals, and an amazing amount of voice acting for a DS game, this one’s a clear candidate for best handheld RPG when it finally reaches stores in early 2010. The Image Epoch-developed epic is in the process of being tweaked to improve game balance and a few other issues with the original Japanese version and based on my short time with a build at Sega’s press event last week, things are coming along very well indeed. Continue reading

Sega NYC Press Event Impressions

Sega rolled into NYC yesterday with a varied lineup of 2009 and 2010 games guaranteed to appeal to pretty much every type of gamer. From family friendly (in original IP and licensed flavors), a bit of fitness, more than a few mighty Mature-rated games that will blow hardcore players away and more RPG surprises than you could shake a stylus at, it was impossible to not be floored by everything shown. I’ll be running lengthier coverage on a few of the games shown in the coming days and weeks, but here’s a quick alphabetical rundown on what was on display: Continue reading