Sony Announces PS3 Price Cuts Now, Nintendo To Release Lower Priced Wii This Xmas

Yup, the ongoing economy issues worldwide have made these price cuts necessary, but it's also the beginning of the build up to new consoles (which should more than likely be announced at next year's E3 for a 2013-2014 launch by my calculations). At its Gamescom 2011 press conference, Sony announced that effective immediately, the core 160GB PlayStation 3 model will now retail at $249.00 and the core 320GB console for $299 in the US.

Sony also announced a new value model PSP without Wi-Fi support at the event, but as far as I can tell, this model is only set for an European release at a price point of 99 Euros. I'd hope that this model makes it to US shores, as there are literally TONS of UMD games out there that will sell if bundled with the new lower-priced unit.Read more »

Nintendo Announces Flame Red 3DS Model For 9/9/2011

Hot on the heels of the recent price drop announcement, Nintendo has revealed a new Flame Red 3DS model set to hit stores September 9th, the same day Star Fox 64 3DS is released. Combine this with the 20 free downloadable games deal Nintendo is offering early adopters and you’re looking at a nice package for any gamer finally looking to snap up the handheld. The big Q here is will a flashy new color help drive sales along with what’s looking like a pretty solid 3D remake of another popular franchise game? I’d say that’s up to you non 3DS owners out there to decide, right?

Nintendo Drops Wii to $199, Introduces "World of Nintendo" Gaming Events

Of course this has NOTHING to do with all the other console price drops and oddball rebates, folks (*wink, wink*). It’s merely a recession fighting move by Nintendo to keep those Wiis rolling into homes across America (*wink, wink*).

Or something like that – press release below.

Hell, a price drop is a price drop and at $200, the Wii is a more attractive deal now to budget-minded gamers, especially now that more quality games are here or on the way. Personally, I do like those “World of Nintendo” events, which will be PACKED to the gills once word gets out.

Anyway, here you go…

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