Odyssey of the Oddity Concludes Somewhat Abruptly

I can actually recall the first time I heard Space Oddity on the radio. It was sometime after its 1969 release and if memory serves me correctly, it almost made me miss my school bus. Between the haunting acoustic guitar work and the otherworldly sounds emanating from the clock radio in my room, I was transported into that tin can floating in the void. Instant David Bowie fan from that point on and what and education that was.

Suffragette City made me look up that word (the first one, silly!) and in doing so before the age of the internet, got me checking out the dictionary and then a few encyclopedias as that rabbit hole opened up as I discovered other issues related to that word. Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, union organizing, women’s rights (which I don’t think were listed in much detail as far as 70’s educational tomes were concerned) and other mind-expanding bits and pieces were in the process of being uncovered. One teacher I had noted my research and gave me a few newsletters to peruse from her college days. Of course, at that age (I was about ten or eleven at that point), most of that reading material was way above my brain grade but I absorbed them anyway. Continue reading

IDW Brings Cerebus: High Society Into The 21st Century As A Digital A/V Experience

High Society AV1 “Cerebus means so many things to so many readers, it really is a monumental work of our times,” said Justin Eisinger, IDW’s Senior Editor Books. “Having the opportunity to work with Dave and his team to bring this High Society set to life—and in this form—is a special experience that we’ll never forget. The creator PERFORMING the story?! It’s a hell of a thing.”

One of the more impressive graphic novel runs of the 20th century, Dave Sim’s 300-issue Cerebus may have ended ten years ago, but the assorted “phone book’ reissues have been in demand and the best of them, High Society, is still in the process of getting a major restoration job for what’s looking to be the ultimate version of that critically acclaimed story arc. While you’re waiting, IDW comics and Cerebus author/illustrator Dave Sim have a nifty surprise for you to spend some money on this August. According to the press release:

The Cerebus: High Society Digital Audio/Visual Experience has Dave Sim reading every issue in character—complete with accompanying music and sound effects—while motion effects applied to the story art present the material like you’ve never seen it before. Each issue also includes a section of full Editorial Comments from Sim, giving fans a virtual guided tour of this masterpiece.

Well, wow. And here I thought we were just getting the book in a new edition when I opened that email. Here’s what the inside of that package looks like:

High Society AV2If you’re new to Cerebus, this is where the book hit its stride, as Sim’s formerly mostly comic take on sword and sorcery got serious as it added even more political and social thematic elements into the story as the aardvark ended up at The Regency, a hotel filled with intrigue, secrets and many tales that expanded the character and his supporting cast into the limelight and became a must read when each issue hit the shelves. Interestingly enough, this project started life as a Kickstarter and got fully funded (I missed that boat, by the way), so it seems that Sim and his best known creation are getting both old fans and a whole new generation of them into the series in a grand manner.

Pricing is TBA, but I’m gathering it’ll be somewhat affordable, as Sim hopefully wasn’t being paid by the character for doing all those voices!  More on this one in a bit…