Saturn 3 Blu-Ray/DVD Bound: Heckling Hector and Company For Their Less Than Stellar Work…

Saturn 3 BDOK, I didn’t think it was possible, but it looks as if someone is actually putting the wretched mess Saturn 3 out on Blu-Ray. The otherwise great director Stanley Donen’s flawed folly of a feeble flick is headed out to retail on December 3, 2013 from the fine folks at Shout Factory.

This big budget sci-fi/horror non-epic non masterpiece (it’s not even a “so bad it’s good” experience) completely wastes the talents of all involved and is a total mess from start to finish. Thankfully, it looks as if the disc’s handful of bonus features just may save this one from being the “WTF did you get me this crap for?” movie of the year.  Trust me, there’s not one redeemable quality about the theatrical version, but I know some movie fans find elements of this junk heap intriguing enough to want to go back and watch this a few too many times.

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Random Film of the Week(end): Saturn 3

(thanks, deadenddrivein!)

saturn 3 posterSince I’m feeling sick as a dog today, I’ll share the wealth (without making your temperature go up to stay in bed levels) by getting you a bit queasy with this rather wretched 1980 sci-fi/ “horror” film that completely wastes the talents of too many good people and is so surprisingly awful that anything resembling a proper remake would require the invention of a mass mind-wiping machine PLUS time travel so you could stop the original from being made.

Yes, Saturn 3 is THAT bad for a big movie fan such as myself, but it’s much worse because as soon as you start listing most of the talent behind it, you see that most of them have done far, FAR better work than this stinker and you can’t chalk up this film’s failures to everyone simply having an “off” day every single one it took to make this howler…

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Thunderbirds Are Gone – Gerry Anderson (1929 – 2012)


If you were a kid or young adult in the United Kingdom, America and a few other lucky locations during the 1960’s and 70’s and had a TV in the house, you more likely than not saw something Gerry Anderson produced and fell head over heels for before the opening credits were done. I happened to grow up watching Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons, Thunderbirds, UFO and Space: 1999 all of which burned their share of memorable images into my brain and are still fondly remembered today. Sure, much of his output might not hold up to the scrutiny of the legions of jaded sci-fi fans that go for flashier effects, more outrageous characters and overall classier writing. Anderson’s shows were primarily geared to young boys (although his wife Sylvia certainly softened things considerably with her unique fashion sense), but there were more women in his series as time progressed, some of whom ended up a more than eye candy thanks to some fine writing and acting.

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