A Little More Of The Last Guardian Is A Lot Of Awesome


Spoiler Alert: This is absolutely gorgeous. Oh, and yeah – you get too many hints on what to do early on. Ah well. December 6th is getting closer and I’m rethinking my non pre-order plans for a hot minute. Yeah, I may just go the digital route and not deal with a disc version. On the other hand, I like having something to hold onto, specifically in this case of The Last Guardian being Team ICO’s swan song. It’s one of the few games where I’m actually going in with expectations of a greatness and don’t intend to be disappointed unless everything collapses at whatever ending wraps this one up. We shall see, my friends… we shall see.



The Last Guardian: Almost Here, With A Tear


At the very least, The Last Guardian will be remembered as Team ICO’s swan song, long in the making and very likely well worth that long wait. Interestingly enough, there’s an official soundtrack LP (yes, on vinyl!) by Takeshi Furukawa being put out by the fine folks at I Am 8-Bit that looks really lovely.


As I no longer have a record player here, I’ll just settle for a copy of the game I expect to be readily available on its launch date. Hype on the game seems to have quieted down considerably over the years, but I’m expecting a post-review surge of purchases followed by the usual suspects returning the game because they don’t “get” it. Ah well… we shall see soon enough, right?



The Last Guardian: Finally Dated, The Wait Gets Less When-ish



the-last-guardian-imageblock-02-us-15jun15Okay. I’m back. Sort of. Got a LOT of stuff going on up this way I’ll yak about in a separate post, but let’s all just watch this gorgeous trailer for the long delayed and finally has a release date soon to be instant classic The Last Guardian. Fumeto Ueda and his team’s game will indeed be worth the wait and in my mind, it’s one of the reasons I play videogames. For me, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus were and still are two of the best game experiences from the past 20 years, and seeing this final game appear means I can stop worrying about whether or not it will be good. I trust the creator and his vision and that’s all one needs in this case.

The Last Guardian hits retail and digital October 25, 2016. Yes, that collector’s edition below looks mighty nice, doesn’t it? Yep.


I HATE Speculation, But I’ve Thought The Last Guardian Was PS4-Bound For A While…

TLG_PS4_maybeOf course, if I’m wrong and this ends up as one of the last PS3 titles coming before the new system arrives, it’s no big deal. But given that the game is still in development according to this recent post on Fumito Ueda’s site, rumors of other studios assisting in the dev process and my thinking for a while now that this switch to a new console and the resulting stress may be one of the unspoken reasons for him leaving SCE Japan, things are adding up to something intriguing. Actually, for about a year or so I’ve been thinking that TLG would indeed make a spectacular launch title for the new system, given the penchant for many launch titles to, well… suck a whole lot when looked back upon (or worse, suck a lot when they’re initially played).

From the first reveal, it was clear that The Last Guardian was definitely not going to suck a lot (or even a little) and somehow, its former fate as a tail-end PS3 game doomed to history as “the last great game on a dying console” needed to be dealt with. Sure, the old gal needs to (and frankly, should) go out on a high note, shattering a few windows as she’s sent up to console Valhalla. However, Sony has a few key killer first-party games on the way that insure the system will be VERY well remembered as one where the company’s internal dev teams were knocking it out of the park early (and often) for years…

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