A Little More Of The Last Guardian Is A Lot Of Awesome


Spoiler Alert: This is absolutely gorgeous. Oh, and yeah – you get too many hints on what to do early on. Ah well. December 6th is getting closer and I’m rethinking my non pre-order plans for a hot minute. Yeah, I may just go the digital route and not deal with a disc version. On the other hand, I like having something to hold onto, specifically in this case of The Last Guardian being Team ICO’s swan song. It’s one of the few games where I’m actually going in with expectations of a greatness and don’t intend to be disappointed unless everything collapses at whatever ending wraps this one up. We shall see, my friends… we shall see.



3 thoughts on “A Little More Of The Last Guardian Is A Lot Of Awesome

  1. It’s kind of hard to believe The Last Guardian is actually coming out and isn’t a total trainwreck (as far as we know). Normally games that were this deep in development hell don’t make it out without a few scratches.

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    • The move from PS3 to PS4 was far from the simple upscaling job I’d gather some gamers out there are thinking took place. I’m wondering if the team also had pressure internally about confidence in shifting to a new platform so far in development and externally from Sony to get it done after such a long time (or to add needless VR and or 3D features that thankfully don’t seen here at all). Stupidly small for this era HDD be damned, I’m probably going to end up with both a disc and digital version of TLG just for tradition’s sake, as I still own PS2 versions of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus as well as their PS3 remasters.

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