Swery 65: Back With White Owls, Disguises And Plenty Of Creative Spirit


After splitting with Access Games, creator Hidetaka Swery Suehiro, SWERY 65 (or just Swery to fans and friends) didn’t exactly vanish from sight. While tweeting and traveling, he also managed to appear as a pin-up in a game developer calendar (sporting a great painted on tattoo), drink lots of coffee and keep fans entertained with plenty of thoughtful social media posts on a wide range of subjects.


Well, the man is back to work with a new studio named White Owls Inc. and a few new projects in the works. Don’t expect a game to appear suddenly out of thin or thick air (he may look like a magician in that photo, but nope, he’s just Swery) and definitely don’t expect a followup to D4, as that IP is still in the hands of a different studio. While you’re waiting for what’s next (looks like a book project of some sort), feel free to peruse White Owl’s online shop and maybe buy something cool for yourself or someone else.

I have the feeling I should finally interview the man one day, but I’ll let him work because I’d rather enjoy what he creates over riddle him with my oddball queries. More likely than not, I’ll end up replaying Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut just because it’s still a kick in the head to discover something new I missed out on.


D4: Access Games + Swery 65 + Xbox One = Hmmm, Commitment Time!


d4_image09 Grrrrr… Access Games’ new adventure game D4 is out and earlier than I thought because until a few days ago when I saw that facebook post by game director Hidetaka Suehiro, I thought this one wasn’t coming until the holidays or early next year. Well, I suppose I can hold my breath for a bit and hope to hell this doesn’t stay as an Microsoft exclusive, but if in case it is, D4 (Dark Dreams Don’t Die) will give me another reason to pick up an Xbox One. I’m actually more thrilled by this quirky episodic title than bigger releases getting more ad dollars, but I’m also smart and plan to hold out that Micrsoft is smart enough to release a retail disc that has all the episodes on it and any extra content if the game gets any DLC just so those folks who can’t download large game files can give this one a shot.

TGS 2013: D4 – Swery’s Xbox One Exclusive Isn’t What Some Were Thinking (And That’s A Damn Good Thing)…


D4_EWhen Access Games’ Xbox One exclusive D4 was announced a few months back with a very cryptic teaser trailer, a small chunk of the internet went wild in over-speculating and in some cases believing that the game would be some sort of sequel or spiritual successor to Kenji Eno’s two offbeat “D” games based on the title alone.

Now, that sort of very wishful thinking only works when there’s a smidgen of common sense in the recipe, so that these folks would even think that despite there being NO game named D3, comments from Hidetaka Suehiro (Swery65) on social networks hinting it wasn’t ever related and the simple fact that it just didn’t make sense for a man known for his own individually quirky style would try and concoct a followup to a game series that only a handful of people actually remember (and I’m saying this as a HUGE fan of WARP’s games) was a supreme stretch…

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E3 2013: Swery 65’s D4: Episodic Detective Xbox One Exclusive? Well, 2 out of 3 Isn’t Bad…

Nope, I’m betting my entire WARP games collection this has no relation to Kenji Eno’s great, languidly paced horror game D or it’s more mature and outrageous follow-up D2, but it’s from one of my favorite game creators, so it’ll get played… provided it eventually comes to a console I can play it on, grrrr. This is the ONE and only thing I despise about this “exclusive” thing, especially in this coming cycle where a lot of games will indeed be VERY “exclusive” as in you can’t play at all unless you meet too many requirements. Bleh. Swery-saaaaaaaaaaaan! PLEASE get this on other systems as soon as possible. ALL your fans deserve to play it – not just a select few!