Pley Goes Live: So, Wait… You Can Rent LEGO Sets Now?

At PleyYeah, my face probably looked like the little girl on the left of that picture I swiped from the website as I read the email I got from the company’s PR person. Yes indeed, you can actually sign up to get an account there and if you’re approved, you’ll get genuine LEGO sets to play with in the mail (well, at home or wherever you get it sent to – playing with your unopened mail is probably some sort of crime) and send back once your done. The mind boggles! Pley even (*gasp*) SANITIZES the pieces so you’ve no need to worry about getting a box full of already stuck together with peanut butter and banana sammich parts to pull apart and put back together.

Anyway, subscriptions range from $15 to $39 per month, so if you’re big into all things LEGO and have not a lot of space for all those sets you want or you just like the idea of fun stuff popping up in the mail that you KNOW you’ll enjoy, well… stop reading this post and go Pley around already!