KontrolFreek Makes My Day (And Yours, Too)


If you own any current gen game console with a wireless controller (or a PS4 or Xbox One, to be precise) or play PC games on a big screen TV while planted on the couch across the room, you very likely despise the way too short charging cables packed inside the box. Well, KontrolFreek has you more than covered with its magnificent, essential 12 foot USB Gaming Cable ($12.99 MSRP). This inexpensively perfect no-brainer gift idea makes that charging time smarter and faster, getting you back into your gaming session while still camped out and comfy.

Designed for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, PC, and micro USB-compatible mobile devices, you can plug it into your phone, tablet or anything else it supports once your game controller of choice is all juiced up. As that silly stock PS4 cable has already caused me to knock my console off its perch once, that KF cable came in really handy when it arrived this afternoon. My PS4 is sightly bruised on the lower front right but working fine, thanks.

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KontrolFreek Is Back With More On Target Goodies For Console FPS Fans!

KFPhantomThey’re baaaaaaack! The last time I reviewed a few products from KontrolFreek, they ended up disappearing from the home office when some friends popped over, checked them out and decided that I owned them some freebies for making the trek all the way up here or something. Yeah, guess who’s not getting invited back, chumps? Anyway, fortunately, Casi over at KontrolFreek was kind enough to shoot over a set of the new FPS Freek Phantom (MSRP $19.99) and after playing through Call of Duty: Ghosts and a few other FPS and non-FPS games, it’s safe to say that they perform exactly as expected. Which would be pretty darn fantastic.

As noted in my earlier review, the FPS Freek series of analog stick toppers adds height to those sticks and precision to your movements, allowing you to use LESS pressure when moving normally, sprinting or shooting in games, allowing for more accuracy and less funny looking thumbs after extended play sessions. It’s all ergonomics, people – that’s all you need to know and even if you’re the most skeptical buzzard on the block, one try should convince you within seconds that this is the way to go if you’re a big shooter fan. I’d say you club-fisted gamers will NEED to learn to not jam those sticks around because you might occasionally pop one of the Freeks off an Analog stick (they’ll snap right back on). But other than that, this is money well spent if you’re a fan of those high-action shooters and want that extra edge in solo or online play. Anyway, go boogie on over to the KF site, check out what they have to offer and feel free to check out their upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One lineup, as they certainly aren’t going to forget about you next-gen owners one bit. yeah, you KNOW you want that extra edge…

KontrolFreek’s FPS Freek Havoc & FPS Freek Infinity: The Science of Shooting Stuff Faster


Whether you play a lot of console FPS games in online or single player modes, you know that getting the drop on that enemy before you’re ventilated is all that matters and everything you can do to make that perfect shot is a good thing. Atlanta, GA-based KontrolFreek has been around for a bit providing console FPS fans with some cool controller enhancements that actually improve performance without the need for spending a ton of money on a custom pad or taking apart your favorite controller. The KontrolFreek Havoc (inspired by Call of Duty Black Ops II) and KontrolFreek Infinity (inspired by Halo 4) are a set of analog thumb stick extenders that actually add more range of movement to your character while requiring less pressure on the sticks, meaning you can play longer and better as soon as you snap these onto your favorite gamepad.  Hey now, don’t be such a skeptic! There’s actual SCIENCE here to prove it! Go, Science!

I was quite surprised at how more responsive games like Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Halo ODST, Metro 2033 and a few others I tried out with the Havoc and Infinity on a few different first and third-party pads I have around the home office were and both even work well with other   genres where extended play usually brings tired digits.  If there’s a FPS fan on your holiday gift list, either (or both) would make a perfect addition to their package. Grab a pair of either for $19.99 MSRP at a game shop near you, but if they don’t have these, you can order direct from KontrolFreek for $13.99, a savings of $6 with FREE shipping if you order $25 or more of merchandise. Sounds like a deal if you ask me. Anyway, get to it and maybe tell a few friends so they can get in on this. Of course, telling people you play AGAINST that you’re putting holes in them faster because of KontrolFreeks is probably not a good thing (but it will make the folks at the company happy, that’s for sure)…