Now, There’s a Film I’d LOVE to See…

Photo Credit: Annie Leibovitz

Photo Credit: Annie Leibovitz

Yep. You’d pay good money to see Helen Mirren and Judi Dench in a period piece with those outfits, too. They could be a 40’s er Holmes and Watson, an older Thelma and Louise (having not stomped on the gas in that flick), two ladies out shopping or anything else a writer’s room could bust out in a few weeks that still manages to read like drunken fan fiction. My ticket would be bought and so would yours. Don’t lie, either. Hell, you’d be pushing me out of the line just to get in first, grrrr. Anyway, my brain is still fuzzy after today’s… er, YESTERDAY’S busyness. Go write up your own plot for that photo above. See you later today at some point.


Video Game Appreciation 101 (Field Course): NYU Game Center Takes On “Bad ” Games In New Exhibit

Well, now – this is a really cool surprise, so if you’re in the area, get on down to the NYU Game Center tomorrow and do some studying!. Someone actually beat me to an ancient idea I’ve always dreamed of doing. Hmmmm… I may just pop up to see this intriguing show just to hear some of the debate around some of the games on display.  Granted, I absolutely LOVE EDF 2017 and Deadly Premonition as well as GoldenEye, although I can see the bad points in each one fully.  I just may even suggest a few other games to these folks for a future exhibit, as I have way too many to count here (and hell, I just want to see ANYONE try and make it past the first level of Muzzle Flash)…