10 Cloverfield Lane TV Spot: Bowl of Confusion *Slightly* Spills Some Secrets


Okay. Yeah… I’d almost forgotten there was some *big* sports-ball game on TV to-day. Then again, to me all these major event deals tend to blend together to me especially with this non-stop sporty thing that has balls of all shapes and sizes in the air and on the ground 24-7. *Yawn*, but more power to those who can stay glued to the tube or pony up the mortgage money to go see in person and overpay for food and lodging their favorite things in the world (well outside breathing, family and such). Continue reading

10 Cloverfield Lane: Surprise! J.J.’s Dy-no-mite Trailer Blows Up the Internet


Ha and double ha. It seems producer/director J.J. Abrams is The Master of Surprise (not to be confused at all with The Master of Disguise). It also seems no one knew about this new film at all until the trailer dropped on the 15th followed by the sound of jaws dropping and keyboard tongues waggling for days since. Judging by the tagline on that poster, the very brief plot synopsis on IMDB and some bits gleaned from a few re-viewings, it’s clearly *not* a “sequel” to Cloverfield at all (despite all the “Cloverfield 2” posts online since this trailer dropped), but a film that seems to have a similar tone of stuff “out there” and how folks react to it.


As for that cast, John Goodman? Great in pretty much any role he’s taken and who doesn’t like Mary Elizabeth Winstead? Okay, you three in the back? Get lost. Never heard of the other guy, but I may have seen something he’s in and not recalled his generic mug at all. Hey, I’m getting old… but two out of three ain’t bad in terms of the actors here. Anyway, March 11 is coming up sooner than you think and this may be quite the ride through paranoia whether or not it’s got any monsters in it at all.

As always, we shall see…