10 Cloverfield Lane TV Spot: Bowl of Confusion *Slightly* Spills Some Secrets


Okay. Yeah… I’d almost forgotten there was some *big* sports-ball game on TV to-day. Then again, to me all these major event deals tend to blend together to me especially with this non-stop sporty thing that has balls of all shapes and sizes in the air and on the ground 24-7. *Yawn*, but more power to those who can stay glued to the tube or pony up the mortgage money to go see in person and overpay for food and lodging their favorite things in the world (well outside breathing, family and such).

Anyway, I’m not watching the so-called *big* game that shall not be named and poked fun of (unless you want a legal letter for free in the mail) because I have bigger fish to fry. But thanks to my inbox reminding me that some big deal film trailers pop up for flicks I may want to see at some point are key to sitting through an overly long butt-numbing event, here’s the new ad for 10 Cloverfield Lane without the requirement to sit through that overly long butt-numbing event.

I still don’t think it has a “monster” like the first film in it, telltale aural note aside. Ads for films are well-known for being intentionally deceptive on many fronts in order to fool or woo certain types into thinking and over-speculating their way into buying tickets. We shall see soon enough of course and nope, I refuse to take any wagers on whether I’m right or wrong. If anything, I say go in with NO expectations and enjoy what was cooked up for your eyes and ears. That always works better at the end of the day. Well, for my movie-going experiences, that is.

More trailers and comments on those tomorrow.

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