ArcaniA – Gothic 4 PC Demo Now Available

With ArcaniA – Gothic 4 set to hit retail on October 12, 2010, JoWooD, DreamCatcher and BVT have released a PC demo version of the game, currently available here and here. Details of what's in that demo below:

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ArcaniA – Gothic 4 to Get SecuROM Protection (No DRM!)

I'm actually pleased by this latest ArcaniA news, as I've never had any major issues with SecuROM protection in the past. The most pesky thing in past PC titles I've installed has been the occasional multi-disc game where the security code was printed ON the disc that was supposed to have the code entered manually (kind of impossible to do with the game in the DVD drive!) or cases where a manual said to insert Disc 2 or 3 when it should have been Disc 1 or 4.

Anyway, No silly DRM issues and a one-time online registration means more folks can actually play the game and enjoy it without having to get cranky about being connected ALL the time. POW! Take THAT, you certain other publishers punishing consumers while making the pirates chuckle at your weak sauce attempts to stop them.*

ArcaniA – Gothic 4 hits stores on October 12, 2010 for Xbox 360 and PC. The PlayStation 3 version currently has no release date, but we'll update that as development continues.

(*No, I don't condone ANY sort of stealing of games, folks, BUT, I do hate the means in which major publishers kick honest gamers in the head with Draconian methods, grrrrr…)

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DreamCatcher Reveals Arcania – Gothic 4 Demo Date + Pre-Order PC Version Discounts

Well alright – I've been waiting for news on a Gothic 4 demo and here it is. Two hour PC and Xbox 360 trial versions will launch on September 24 in advance of the game's October 12, 2010 release date. Between the incredible looking Arcania and a certain other European-style RPG (Two Worlds II), I'm going to be in RPG nirvana. The Gothic series has always been great for plenty of challenging open-world thrills and quests galore (and hell, I liked the original Two Worlds, warts and all).

Anyway, press release and links below – click away!

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