Xanadu Next: More N-Gaging Than The Phone Version, For Sure



n-gage-xanadu_nextSo, Xanadu Next and I… have a little history. My first and only encounter with it was via the infamous Nokia N-Gage version that, while a bit janky, was still playable and a bit of fun once you got used to it. When I found out a few years later that not only was it initially a PC game in Japan, but a much better game overall, I was hoping to heck someone would get to work on a localization.

Thank you, Xseed Games and Marvelous USA! This should be interesting, as the things I liked about the portable game are getting a big boot and yes, the truncated/changed story is now here as it should be. November 3 is the release date and $19.99 on Steam, gog.com or the Humble Store is a fair enough bargain for a game I found entertaining as a squashed-down Diablo -like ARPG experience, which interestingly enough, the N-Gage had a few of during its life cycle. Most were actually pretty good, but that’s the subject of a whole different post you should bug me about one of these days if you’re intrigued.




Gallery: N-Gage & Gizmondo Libraries

Yes, there A few duplicates in photo 1. Neither are complete collections (a few N-Gage games not pictured are recently loaned out) and yes, I have both handhelds here as well in great working order. In fact, my QD is actually my regular phone because I’m a cheap (and poor) bastard and hell, it works great as a phone. I give not a hoot for fancy phones with touchscreens, multiple cameras and stupid data plans that leech your wallet dry before you even make a single call. As for the Gizmondo stuff, I only need Classic Compendium II and the SUPER rare Hit or Myth to have a “complete” set of released games. A few years back, some guy sent me a CD with a bunch of emulators and stuff on it, but I’m too dumb to figure out how to extract it all onto an SD card, so it’s in one of the CD holders near my PC. Eh, one day I’ll poke around again and do a step by step from the instructions on the disc, but I’m too occupied with more important things these days. By the way, both POD and Trailblazer NEED to be remade one of these days for PSN/Vita/XBLA/iOS/Android/etc., as they’re easily the two best titles on the system and yes, still hold up today.