NYCC 2013: IDW’s 2014 Lineup: Kirby, Steranko, Gibbons. Your Wallet’s Gone (And They’re Not Done Yet)…

KIRBY_NEW_GODS_COVER WATCHMEN_cover steranko_fury_AGENT_OF_SHIELD steranko_fury_and_cap

Every time I get a press release from IDW Comics, I fear opening it just because I just KNOW that it’s going to be for one of their spectacular new classic comic collections and I’ll want to add it to my already too long want list. Nevertheless, I forge ahead, click and drool away, knowing I can’t afford any of them, but hoping I’ll actually get to get my grubby paws on a copy someone I know buys when they see it here on the site. Anyway, the company’s 2014 lineup is rolling out in the form of a few press releases (below the jump), so ogle those covers above for as long as you like and then pawn off a kidney (preferably not yours). These books will be in the usual limited run actual art size editions IDW is well known for. OK, put on your reading shoes – you’ve got some press releases to pore over!

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IDW’s Woodwork: If You Only Buy ONE Comic Collection This Year, Well Here You Go…

22_4Granted, with only 175 (or 150, depending on where you look on the order page) of these SUPER deluxe $125.00 tomes made, they’re most likely all gone by the time you’re reading this post. That said, IDW Publishing’s latest classic comic art collection and hardcover must-buy Woodwork: Wallace Wood 1927-1981 is an absolutely magnificent gathering of some of the best of Woody’s work (and a bunch of cool extras) and comes highly recommended. The man could do it all and did it all in terms of his comics work. Kid-friendly strips and parodies to classic EC Comics of all types to superhero books and far racier content for much more mature audiences, yep, Woody was there and ready to get it done.

As this one’s going to go fast (or is already gone), I figure I may as well run a few images from the official site below, as the chances of many of you seeing this one up close and personal are slim to zero. If anything, Woody’s work deserves to be scrutinized by more of today’s younger artists for a few really good reasons, as the man’s imagination and sense of wonder were seemingly limitless (although with such a massive output, not everything was as brilliant as the collected works here). He’s one of many influences on some of my older work, but I didn’t copy his style directly, instead thinking “What would Woody do?” when tackling certain projects.

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