Review: Battle Slots

Platform: PC

Developer: 8Monkey Labs

Publisher: Phantom EFX

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating:

Official Site

Score: B+ (85%)

At first glance, Battle Slots might look like yet another Puzzle Quest clone, but you’d be mistaken if you thought it wouldn’t be as solid or fun as Infinite Interactive’s two gems. It only takes a few spins of this one-button winner to find out it’s a really fun and addictive little hybrid RPG that’s easy to pick up but very difficult to stop playing. The light and breezy humorous notes the story hits keeps the game from sinking into overly serious territory even as the battles grow increasingly more challenging. While there’s no multiplayer modes at all, this is one of those tightly focused single player experiences that makes the hours fly by whenever you sit down for a session. After a few hours, you’ll be wanting to hook up a coin drop and REAL slot arm on the side of your PC, is all I’ll say…

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Gallery: Battle Slots

Phantom EFX has a super-nice surprise for fans of the Puzzle Quest games and slot machines in its upcoming PC (and possibly console) release, Battle Slots. Yes, it's a hybrid game that mixes all the addictive fun of gambling and all the addictive fun of RPG's in one package. Or bacon wrapped butter dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with bacon bits to some of us.

More screens below the jump. the game is currently in development, so expect an update and new images as more info drops this way. I'm warming up my favorite chair as we speak and even thinking of installing a coin drop on the old monitor here.

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