A Friendly Reminder From Black Pants Game Studios…


No, not that the world is ending in a few hours (well, for some people out there)… there’s a NEW demo for Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers available on Steam! Go get it, play it and laugh yourself silly while things go to heck in a handbasket or something. Look at it this way, if you love the demo enough and the earth doesn’t blow up, you can actually go BUY the game and play the whole thing. Even better, the game is 50% off until doomsday (I’d gather that’s later today), so get while it’s hot. Or before you burn up when Melancholia hits. Or something like that. The talented gentlemen at Black Pants will thank you kindly, and I’ll have done my good deed for the day because I’ve turned you on to a really cool (and really funny) game experience. OK, I’m off to watch some cartoons now… Good Night!

Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers Launch Trailer (It’s Here And Yep, You Should Buy It!)


Finally done up fresh, hot and ready to serve, Black Pants Game Studios’ eagerly awaited PC game hits a few download sites (Steam, gog.com,  Gamersgate or directly from the developer) and if you’re lucky enough to live in Europe, you can (*gasp!*) actually buy a retail version on Amazon. Which makes me wish I lived in Europe as amusingly enough, it’s easier for me to play a game from a disc these days!  Anyway, with its quirky art style, innovative gameplay and very cool soundtrack (which you can also buy if the tunes agree with your ears), there’s a lot to love here. Translation: No matter how you get this game (legally, silly!), GET THIS GAME. You can thank me later. Or more precisely, thank Black Pants – me, I’m just the messenger…

Tiny & Big Update: Levels, We Got Levels!

I was wondering about how Black Pants Games Studios was going to structure its upcoming game, Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers, and thanks to their latest video, now I know (and so do you!). Check out the new trailer for the game and see the different places you’ll go as you try and nab those underpants from that pest, Big and deal with his shenanigans as he does all he can to thwart your efforts. Now, all that needs to happen is the team getting dev kits for assorted consoles at some point so ports can be made, as this game SCREAMS for motion control or touch-screen elements on a few platforms…

Tiny & Big Moves Up The Ranks!

Well, alrighty then! Thanks to lots of support, the guys at Black Pants Game Studios are doing a happy dance as they’ve entered indie DB’s Top 100. You can still (and should still) vote for them in the second phase of voting just because they’re making a fun game (not because I say so, although it would make me feel better if someone actually listened to me for a change). Take a peek at the video above, go vote if you’re so inclined and help Tiny & Big become a bigger hit as it nears completion.

Er, you HAVE tried out the demo, haven’t you? If not, go get it! It’s a ton of fun and you get to laugh a lot as well!

Finally! A NEW Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers Trailer!

Awesome. One of my favorite in-progress games gets a new video update. Nice, nice. NOW, if only this would come to consoles as well, even more people would see how cool it is. Anyway, go bug the upstanding guys over at Black Pants Game Studios about becoming a beta tester for this one, as it’s shaping up to be a real winner and a truly original, innovative new game.