PSP E-1000 Specs: Cheaper, But Still A Hot Ticket For Some…

While the uber-techies are grumping over this new model's lack of certain features, personally, I think the E-1000 is a pretty great entry level handheld for new users looking to get into the PSP and its rather huge games library. I still have my original 1000, 1001 and Slim 3000 models here at the home office, so I'm not sure I'll import this one yet.

Import as in there's been no North American release announced, which in my opinion, is a bit strange. Is SCEA afraid that the system will be blasted on message boards for being “cheap” and lacking features found on past and current models or are they implying (or is it inferring) that European gamers aren't all that sophisticated and this budget model will find a niche amongst those who don't have high-speed connections and want to get some handheld gaming in. I can see a modestly to moderately successful market for the E-1000 here provided it's packed in with a few PSP Greatest Hits (or a compilation UMD with assorted PSN titles and minis), but we'll see what SCEA decides down the road.

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