Evil Controllers Wants YOU To Make Your Own Perfect Pad

The fine folks over at Evil Controllers have come up with a rather nice way for gamers to do their thing (go Evil, that is!): user-created controllers for the PS3 and Xbox 360. These would make a perfect gift for the gamer out there who knows what here or she wants in a controller, but can’t get that from a stock OEM model or some other custom controller site. If the quality on these new additions to Evil’s lineup are as good as their usual work, this could be the next big thing for the discriminating gamer who wants to spend a bit more and truly get what they pay for while saying they made it themselves (well, sort of). Check out the video above, then pop on over to the Evil Controllers site and have at it!

Help Evil Controllers Save the Planet… By Playing Games!

Aha. So Evil Controllers isn't so 'Evil” after all (I knew they had a soft side!). Anyway, the company is teaming up with Chicago's Whitney M. Young HS' Gamers Go Green team for a rather cool and power-saving event that's a good way for families to get together for an hour of quality gaming time… even if there's NOT a video game in the house!

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Evil Controllers Reveals Million Dollar Controller (It’s A One Day Sale, Hint, Hint)…

Yikes. They call it the Evil Bling… I call it the Ultimate Evil (now where’s my check for those naming rights?)… Yes, it’s April 1st, folks, so take this news as you will. Although I hear The Donald has ordered a dozen already just to show he’s not just spending all that money he supposedly has on a hair stylist (and failed chances at a presidential nomination)…

Evil Controllers Marks February As Girl Gaming Month With New Camo Mod, Contest

Evil Controllers, makers of some pretty awesome custom modded Xbox 360 controllers is kicking off this month as Girl Gaming Month with a new custom Pink Camo Xbox 360 controller imaging, a Girl Gamer Evil Bundle and a pretty cool contest for the gaming gals out there who want to show off their skills. Even better, a portion of sales from each controller purchased through the site will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in support of breast cancer research.

It's really great to see companies such as Evil adding a more socially aware vibe to what they do, so definitely support them with a purchase if you're a 360 owner looking for a top of the line controller mod.

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