Sine Mora: Make Your PS3 and Vita Happy With This High End Shmup


Like classic arcade shmups? Got ten bucks and a PS3 or PlayStation Vita handy? Well, go grab a copy of Sine Mora off PSN and prepare for takeoff. This Grasshopper Manufacture/Digital Reality team-up is really great stuff, inspired by Squaresoft’s classic PSOne game Einhander as well as bullet hell shooters from companies such as Cave and Psikyo. There’s a unique time-based mechanic where taking enemy ships and creatures down adds to your timer while getting hit decreases it, so you’ll always be on your toes. Sine Mora looks really gorgeous as well, with cinematic sequences flowing right into gameplay, keeping you immersed in the action.All that and if you speak Hungarian, you’ll actually be able to understand the dialog without subtitles (yes, Japanese game developers do some odd things like that).

There are some long load times and seeing some of the tiny shots on screen in certain areas is tough, adding more challenge to some map, but overall, it’s a total blast and well worth every penny. Oh yeah, it’s also got more content than the versions thanks to Whilhelmine from another spectacular arcade and console shooter Under Defeat (which just got a limited retail release on the PS3 after its PSN debut not too long ago). Anyway, go make your PS3 or Vita (and you) smile with a nice, inexpensive present you’ll play again and again.

Sine Mora: Digital Reality & grasshopper manufacture’s Xbox Live Exclusive Shmup

Yeah, yeah, I’ve not REALLY been ignoring this one at all (hey, I’m a huge grasshopper fan, so how could I?). I was just hoping we’d see a retail release for the Vita or some other handheld over yet another download only title that’s just going to be buried in a dashboard update down the road. And it’s a 360/XBLA exclusive for now, so there’s that. Disappointments aside, the game does look quite lovely and fun to play, so there’s that. More updates to come (but don’t expect the game to migrate to another platform unless it’s headed to PC at some point, as this is a Microsoft produced project).