Alice: Madness Returns Launch Trailer

June 14th is the big day we go down the rabbit hole once again… I can’t wait to see how Spicy Horse has done with their twisted tale. PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, folks… Flip a coin, pop a red or blue pill and get ready for a return to this surreal nightmare of a game world.

Alice Returns Cinematic Trailer

Nice. Here’s a peek at The upcoming surreal action game set to hit PS3, Xbox 360 and PC a few ticks of the pocket watch away. Sweet dreams… you hope.

Alice: Madness Returns Teasers

She's baaaaaaaaaaack and a bit more off-kilter than ever in Spicy Horse's upcoming PS3/360/PC game. No release date yet (other than “2011”), but two more (and earlier) teasers (in descending order, down the rabbit hole and all that!) are below the jump – enjoy!

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