Random Game of the Week: FOTONICA

Indie game development is all the rage these days to the point that it’s changed the way games are made and marketed (some would say for the worse in the long run, but I don’t agree and that’s another article for another time). I often play way too many of these when I should be doing more important things, but it’s always great to discover buried treasures before they get uncovered by the usual suspects and dragged out into the sunlight for all to play as some sort of next big thing.

Anyway, Santa Ragione’s spectacular FOTONICA was recommended by a friend and I’m glad I took his advice. It’s a simple, one button game with a stylized look and fast-paced, but easy to grasp gameplay you’ll want to experience for yourself. PC and Mac compatible the game is also a free download (but there’s a suggested ‘pay what you want’ donation I’d suggest you use just to support the developer). Anyway, enough blabbing from me. I’ve a busy day ahead – go play a game today!