The Witcher Adventure Game? Oh, Yes.

The Witcher Adventure Game

Yep, there goes anything I’d call free time, folks. Coming sometime this year. I’ll have to see if CD Projekt RED will have this at this year’s Toy Fair, as I’ll be there looking at stuff to cover. If not, I’ll need to get a detective on the case to find out why. Let’s see now… where’s that Rolodex? Aha. Hmmm…(silly rhyme alert!) I’m feeling a little bit lazy today, so (*flip*)… let’s just see who’s under “A”? Okay, got one (and man, does he work cheap!):

ANY-way, click on below the jump for the press release. If the game is anything close to the source material or games, it’s going to be a tough call what to kill time with this year. Granted, both The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and this board game (which is also coming to iOS and Android devices) will find a home here, so no worries about me splitting my love for either in any directions… Continue reading