Toy Fair 2013 Classifieds: Formerly Hot Iron Seeks Permanent Pressing Engagement…



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Man, it absolutely sucks to be seen as a token sexist tool by the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, but Hasbro asked, the fans decided and the trusty old Iron got the axe. I guess it evens things out a bit, as ol’ Mr. Monopoly cut loose that Howitzer a while back (“too violent!” the rabble voted), and the Purse (“out of style!”), Lantern (“what’s a lantern?”), Locomotive (“who rides trains anymore?”), Rocking Horse (“too dangerous for the kids!”), Man on Horseback (“ladies ride too!”) and oddly enough, Sack of Money (well, that last Wall Street crash probably did that piece in). Such is life in the crazy world of board games. And you though video games were too competitive! Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Street Fighter Anniversary Collection & Street Fighter Monopoly


Looking for something nice and gifty for that Street Fighter fanatic on your list or maybe something cool for your own collection? Well, Capcom has two more rather ridiculously awesome items you can drop some of that disposable income on. Check out what’s in store for you in each of these two box sets of joy. You can snap up the super-limited edition Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection at Capcom’s online shop, while that Street Fighter Monopoly can get grabbed through Amazon. If I had the room, I’d definitely want both here to fall out of Santa’s sleigh, that’s for sure. Should YOU nab both of these if you’re able to pony up the price? Sure, you can (ha ha)!



Yeah, yeah, it may seem too early to be talking about holiday gift shopping, but  hey, in this economy and too many people thinking the world will end because of some Mayans who ran out of room on a big stone slab, you’ll want to grab the good stuff early and sock it away to celebrate with once things blow over on the whole doomsday front.


Mind Food: Perisphere & Trylon Nails Nostalgic Novelties Neatly

Got an urge to play games your parents and more likely, grandparents might have been into? Want to check out some classic board and card games plus toys and other novelties from the UK and other places you haven’t been? Do you happen to love old-time packaging and presentation plus some really funny product descriptions? Well, Perisphere and Trylon, Inc. should be your next stop, I say.

Featuring a nice lineup of classic reproductions (done extremely faithfully, I must say) and even a selection of new dynamo-powered (that means no batteries, kids) toys from Ecotronic, there’s something here to strike nearly every fancy. And hey, if you don’t have a “fancy” to call your very own, a peck, peek and poke around the site will get you one in a hurry.  Um, hey! What are you still doing here? That time machine isn’t going to hang around waiting, you know…

Mind Food III: DABBLE – As The Word Plays, People!

If that header is a tiny bit confusing, don’t blame me, blame DABBLE, the new ridiculously fun and challenging word game (available in traditional board game and digital formats) that’s going to get you and your friends hooked after a single play. What works so well is how the game nudges you into thinking fast while expanding your vocabulary in each frantic five minute session as you rack your brain to come up with the winning wordiness. The rules are dirt simple to learn: two to four players need to sift through the 20 tiles they’re given and come up with two, three, four, five and six-letter words before the timer runs out. Points are scored based on leftover tiles and the first player to 100 points wins the game. An average game lasts around 30 minutes or so, but you’ll want to add an extra 15 – 20 minutes for sessions with younger kids and your snarky friends who keep trying to add made up words from some goofball urban dictionary.

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Mind Food 2: Oversight – Griddly Games’ Strategically Colorful Blast Of A Board Game

Rule number one: Never play against someone who works at the company. When I first saw the intriguingly simple-looking but definitely compelling board game Oversight at Toy Fair here in NYC a few months ago, I was soundly trounced in a few quick matches by Griddly Games‘ Angela Welch, the company’s now newly minted Head of Marketing & Operations (they probably gave her the job after she beat everyone in the office at all the games the company makes – ringer!). But I managed to eke out a victory once I got the hang of the sliding tiles and color matching. Still, memo to self: don’t play board games with anyone after two hours of sleep. It’s a good thing I’m not a betting man, is all I’m saying…

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Mind Food 1: Get Your Brain Happy WIth A Premium Scrabble Set

If you have to have to update that busted old Scrabble set (or want to grab a new one for a gift that will last forever), I say spend the extra cash and go all out with one of Winning Solutions official (and officially awesome) Deluxe Scrabble sets. Ranging in price from $39.99 for the pocket size Deluxe Folio Edition to $199.99 for the already sold out Typography Edition, these are great editions of the classic word-making game that would be great additions to any collection. My personal favorite: the Giant Scrabble Deluxe Wood Edition that’s perfect for old fogies like me because the oversize board and tiles mean I can see what I’m misspelling with ease.  Anyway, go get your word on if that’s your thing, I say.  We need a LOT more in the way of smart people these days, and hell, you may as well have F-U-N while you’re expanding your brain’s horizons. Winning Solutions also has a nice collection of other classic Parker Brothers and Hasbro favorites, but you’re probably already poring over their page already, correct?