The Horror of Too Many Scary Games (is a Good Thing to Have), Part 2

You’re either back for more… or you fell asleep reading that first part and just woke up in time for part two. Well, here you go, then. Some of today’s entries are coming out after October, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less frightening. Anyway, here are six more games to look forward to (unless you’re too freaked out to want to try some of the scarier ones, mua-ha-ha-haaaa!):


Home Sweet Home (PS4/PSVR/Xbox One) – If the trailer is any indication, this could be one of the downright scariest stealth/horror games of the year. I missed out on the PC version of this truly scary-looking Thai horror game from Bangkok-based indie dev Yggdrazil Group Co.,Ltd, but my pals at Mastiff Games seem voraciously intent on putting me under the couch with this upcoming PS4 and Xbox One port. The PS4 version will support VR as an option (I’ll take my scares flat, thank you much) and if you prefer your games on a disc, this one’s going to be a GameStop exclusive in addition to a standard digital download on PSN and Xbox Live. I may have to shell out for the disc version, as this one certainly looks scary enough to be a keeper. That and I want to have the option of maybe loaning that disc to a friend or two who hate horror games but are slowly coming around. Then again, I have the feeling that this might be one of those games that sends them back down the ladder to being too skittish to fire it up.


Infliction (PC) – Can you believe this fantastic-looking and 100% unsettling horror game was made by a single person? Australia-based Caustic Reality (Clinton McCleary) definitely has skill is making the versatile Unreal 4 engine sing and although the demo is short, it certainly does a phenomenal job at delivering the goods. That demo will get your heart racing right out of your chest to go hide in a closet and you’ll soon follow (if only to get your heart back before the dust bunnies eat it). The story reminded me a tiny bit of the one in Layers of Fear, but the evil here is far fiercer and much more relentless. This one’s set for a Halloween release, so just leave whatever candy you have in a bowl outside because I’m betting you won’t want to be getting up to answer that doorbell for a few good reasons.


Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics (PC/PS4/Xbox One/Switch) – Yep, another game this year based on Lovecraft and yep, another game ol’ H.P. isn’t making a dime from thanks to being deader than your grandma’s flip phone. Developer Auroch Digital takes the popular roleplaying series from Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. and turns it into a turn-based strategy game because why not base it on that source material? As this is coming out for every current console as well as PC, it’ll be interesting to see how well it does on each platform and if what’s here will be sequel-worthy. Hey, it’s the US Army versus Demon-tainted Nazis in a WWII setting, so what could possibly NOT work here?

Iris.Fall (PC) – Labeled a “dark fairy tale”, this gorgeous-looking game from developer NEXT Studio is more of a puzzle game with a distinct and stunning black/gray/white color palette. Gameplay seems to be similar (but not too similar) to the underappreciated Wii gem Lost in Shadow, but we’ll have to see once the game is released onto Steam later this year. I’m sure this will creep onto consoles at some point, but we’ll keep an eyeball peeled for news and let you all know of that “when” will follow my “if” at some point down the road.

Silent Night – A Ghost Story for Christmas PC – Yes, once again, developer Darkling Room mixes horror with humor in its fan-favorite ghost hunting adventure series. Nigel Danvers and his bag of tricks is back in action and ready to explore the time loop he’s trapped in with some fairly ticked off spirits. New to this game is the ability to play in classic point & click or full-on free roam style (I’ll try both, of course). While I’m not sure any of Ebenezer Scrooge’s haints are here, I recall the excellent Midnight Horror gave gamers who played it a nice dose of chuckles with its scares.

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes (PC) – Developer Lazarus Studio has a nicely creepy first-person horror game coming your way in 2019 that features (wait for it…) AI that adapts to how you play. Oh, great. Like I need another thing in a horror game TO FREAK ME THE HELL OUT EVEN MORE. Well, it’s certainly welcome in the “My entire family has been slain and I’m trapped in a really weird and quite deadly ancestral manor and surrounding village with no way out!” sub-genre. Hey, if it’s not a sub-genre yet, it should be. Yes, I’m kidding (mostly), but I’m keeping it light because underneath my smiling mug is a really frightened face. This one should be pretty impressive if that AI can deliver on all it promises.

Well, that’s it for today, but guess what? My inbox is packed with MORE fear and fear-ish games to yap abut, so we’ll get to those soon enough. Stay tuned!



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